Saturday, September 16, 2006

And it suddenly occurs to me

speaking of Feminist Uber-Mega-Mega-Mega Thrash, World Without End, Round XXVIII, or rather in this case some insipid little sparrowfart called Ann something of whom i'd never before heard, who is apparently exercising her great concern for the state of feminism by critiquing a fellow feminist blogger's (Jessica of Feministing, give it up for the woman! congrats!) being invited um I mean decision to appear with former President Bill Clinton, on account of well garsh, should *feminists* -really- be appearing with, you know, That Man? and also oh by the way, sez Ann whosis, something or other about Jessica's tits. and what she's wearing, and how she's standing. Ann apparently does not approve; and neither do her four hundred thousand squillion regulars, I guess, and also that Feministing blog has, well, -people talking dirty- on it.

(no I am not going to provide the direct link to Ann whosis or the people talking about her right now. I'm tired and lazy and cranky, so nyah).


this latest little gastrointestinal attack passing itself off as (oh, it's just not even making an effort anymore really) "feminism," given the context, suddenly reminded me:

Say. What did the Great Feminist **Blowjob** Wars of 2006 and the Hunting of the (last real) President have in common?

Three guesses, and the first two don't count.

Oh, no. We're not collectively hung up about sex at all. Not us! Nooooo.

And our collective non-existent hangup about sex has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH MISOGYNY, of course.

even when we call it Feminism! ESPECIALLY when we call it FEMINISM!

or, at minimum, you know, we just rilly rilly care about women like poor little Monica Victim Deludanoid Sexbot Slut Hobag my GOD did you see what she is WEARING Lewinsky/random blogger who said a Bad Thing/that woman on the street in the pencil skirt/faceless, nameless "pornstitution" worker until she has the temerity to speak up.

Friends. Somewhere in there i thought i caught the phrase "friends of feminism."

Or no, maybe that was something else, it's all becoming this kind of mulchy pinkish blur now. "Friends of Israel," perhaps. yes, one of the other asshatteries, never mind.

But in any case:

"With friends like these, who needs enemas?"


Veronica said...

Jesus. What the hell is that womans problem? I'm not allowed to have breasts if I want to be a feminist? Isn't there something slightly off about that one?

belledame222 said...

god I don't know. like i say, never even heard of the fuckwit before. Ilyka D. broke it down rather amusingly and well, I should think:

Rootietoot said...

I guess we should all be Amazons, and cut one boob off? Or is it that only small-breasted women with thick ankles and coke-bottle glasses are allowed?(that would be me except I live in the South and we're not allowed on general principles)

You know, all this dissent within the feminist culture is rapidly leading me to the conclusion that I'm best right where I am, right-wingish, cookie-baking housewife. At least other folk of my ilk don't attack each other on ideological grounds, only on where-do-you-live-what-car-do-you-drive terms.

As I am typing this, my large, hairy and beloved husband came in announced that he'd like me to make a "Big Manly Breakfast" Talk about patriarchal oppression. I, of course, agreed but only after laughing at him about it.

Sly Civilian said...

Pretty much.

Ann's famous for such wankery, but the broader sexualized reading of that picture was annoying as hell, especially when a large number of folks are pointing out the *real* issue in that photo isn't boobs, but the fact that the entire crowd, in Harlem, is pasty. Now that's something to go break down.

belledame222 said...

Which Jessica, it must be noted, pointed out herself, (i.e. overall pastiness), even in the midst of her post about how, goddam, some people sure know how to try to make you feel small.

yeah, I dunno, rt: I feel kind of like, well...the more involved you (one) gets in something, the more likely you are to encounter this kind of, well, crap? is that a good word? why, yes, yes it is.

but for instance before I came to all this blogospheric infighting, i'd, well, been involved in other stupid political infighting; but feminism, well, I always favored Molly Ivins' variant:

"Whatever our other aims may have been, no one in the feminist movement ever thought you are what you wear. The only coherent fashion statement I can recall from the entire movement was the suggestion that Mrs. Cleaver, Beaver's mom, would on the whole have been a happier woman had she not persisted in vacuuming while wearing high heels. This, I still believe."

and then again: while I would be a hypocrite to pull the "you're not a REAL feminist" card on such folks as Ann Thingie, I suppose, I also think, you know: "what's in a name? apparently quite a number of things."

but I do more and more lean toward:

"Not everyone who cries, ['feminism, feminism']'"


"By their fruits you will know them" guiding lights.

In this arena as well as others.

belledame222 said...

anyway, Ilyka's been sort of coming to the same conclusions about the right-wing blogosphere that others here are about the feminist blogosphere, something along the lines of, I think

"Clowns to the left of me,
jokers to the right!
Here I am, stuck in the middle with...?"

belledame222 said...

btw, rt, did you draw your avatar, then?

belledame222 said... I want a Big Manly Breakfast, goddamit.

and someone to make it for me.

too bad all the diners around here pretty much suck...

belledame222 said...

...I don't know. am I a centrist? probably not by most peoples' definitions; but then perhaps that's the point.

just on the whole i feel roughly like, it's not so much that I see "black!" "white!" and am all, "it's all grey! soothe soothe! can't we all just...?"

more like, "dude, didn't this box of crayons come with like a whole bunch of OTHER colors? this shit is boring, and I can't even see what we're drawing anymore."

Bitch | Lab said...

it all reminded me of a comment Ms Kate made at Pandagon and one with which I'm all too familiar: if your boobs are large, everything looks slutty on you. and she's totally right.

what really disgusted me is that anyone who's had group photos done before knows that people often get snapped before they are ready or they too uptight and try to loosen up a bit or get distracted and turn.... someone else showed an alternative photo where she's slouched over a bit and looks totally different.



belledame222 said...

I hear you wrt the boobage thing (although "slutty" isn't something i tend to worry about for some reason, more like, "ew, how gauche she is, letting it all hang out like that." come to think of it i guess that IS slutty or at least slatternly in the original sense, isn't it). But on the whole i gotta say: not even inclined to give it that much analysis/defense/whatever. For the love of fuck. Who CARES what the woman was wearing or how she was standing? or, sure, okay, if you want to mock it, go right ahead and mock it. Hell, as someone pointed out: sure, some of us did the same thing wrt Katherine Harris. difference is I don't think any of us were trying to pull the bullshit WE'RE ONLY SAYING THIS BECAUSE WE ARE CONCERNED THAT YOU ARE MAKING US, WOMEN/FEMINISTS (especially feminists, god bless her) LOOK BAD.

just own your meow and have done with it, I say. would've ended things a whole lot quicker.

Rootietoot said...

my 18 yr old son drew it. I'ts the best likeness of me ever, better than photos or anything. He got his talent from me :o)

Rootietoot said...

all my life I wanted boobs, big round ones, because I have a big round butt and wanted to look less like a bowling pin, and I'm tired of having to buy seperates.. I have a friend who had fabulous knockers, and had them reduced because she wanted to be take seriously in her profession as an engineer. Who's right? Who's wrong? How is that different from the guy in the urban legend who passed out at a disco because his pants were too tight, and the medics discovered a salami strapped to his leg?
Why are people worried about someone else looking slutty? I mean, it's no dirt on them, after all. I daresay Pamela Anderson has had absolutely no effect on my reputation.

Baahhh. Come over for dinner, since you missed breakfast. We're having steaks and watching football.

belledame222 said...

ooh. not much for the football. steak sounds really good, tho'.

Rootietoot said...

I have a copy of Pride and Prejudice...we could watch that..

you know, women scared to death they won't ever marry a rich man...

You know, I read through (as best I can) all these blogs and all these opinions and I worry that these very sincere people are allowing themselves to become 2-dimensional. I'm all for believing things passionately, but I'm all against taking things so seriously that one loses focus on the rest of reality. Maybe I am a dispassionate sort, I don't know. I just mistrust people who foam at the mouth, whether it's football fans or real estate agents or feminists.

Do they truly believe themselves and all other women to be laying on the ground with a hairy masculine foot planted in their back? Do they think they have to be raucous and strident to get their point across? Are they using hyperbole as a method of emphasis?

Am I missing something? Are they pitying me because of my choices/lifestyle? Do I even care? Why am I under the impression they all live in Northern California? Would any of them listen to me and my story before slapping a label on my butt and trying to Save Me From Myself?

gimme your crayons.

belledame222 said...

heh, well, yah.

actually you know the ones who are most annoying me live in Austin, I believe.

I dunno if you were reading some of the hopelessly long earlier threads, but kh summed it up, I think, something about "the narcissism of small differences."

iow: it just mostly sucks that these people are waving the "liberal, radical, feminist," whatever flag over their smallminded snobberies and insecurities and yes, bigotries and hatreds, same as it sucks that a lot of people are waving the God N Country Conservative flag over -their- smallminded, etc. etc.

i mean: yes, i am far more aligned with the official positions on certain Issues wrt one faction than the other;

but more and more i am coming to the conclusion that at the end of the day, it barely means squat, of itself.


"by their fruits you will know them."

the Dole pineapple sticker on a wax apple doesn't make it a real, juicy apple, much less a pineapple; it just makes it a wax apple with a sticker on it.

belledame222 said...

anyway, as you've seen, i have foaming tendencies myself, now 'n' again.

"but I'm good company."

Amber said...

Hey Rootie, I live in the Deep South just like you! ;)

Rootietoot said...

my father considers himself open minded. My husband asked him once "Are you really open minded or are your opinions just different from people you consider close-minded?"

Dad was speechless. If you knew Dad, you'd know how remarkable that is.

belledame222 said...


It's a good question, isn't it.

shitappens said...

"you know, women scared to death they won't ever marry a rich man..."

now that made me larf, only because I married a poor man and the sod took me to the cleaner...

Amber said...

my father considers himself open minded. My husband asked him once "Are you really open minded or are your opinions just different from people you consider close-minded?"

I think that gets into slippery-slope territory. It's the line usually trotted out by bigots of all stripes when they feel threatened. "Well, you say you're so tolerant... why aren't you tolerant of my right to hate gays/blacks/Jews/etc.??"

No. Just no. All opinions are not created equal, after all.

And I realize, that is slippery slope territory, too; and yet, I stand by it. Because, I don't respect the "right" of a racist to spew their hateful ignorance. Reactionaries (ie, the threatened bigots I mentioned) say that makes me "intolerant." But it occurs to me that "tolerance" might not be the correct word in situations like that anyway.

belledame222 said...

I guess it might be a line used by bigots; somehow I hadn't thought of it in that context, phrased that way; this isn't about "tolerance." (a word I'm always kind of dubious about to begin with). I do think that it'd be a legitimate question to ask in a lot of cases, if a bald one; most of us aren't half as open-minded as we think.

Rootietoot said...

My father believes he is not a racist, because he has no issues wth black folk, yet when a family of cubans moved in next door...hoo boy. But then he's a Texan, and his exposure (to ethnic differences) has been to Hispanics.

He's a professor, highly educated and an international authority in his field (Neurology). Yet he has nothing but contempt for Liberal Arts Weenies (his term, not mine), because their chosen path isn't "practical".

There isn't much room in his life for opinions he doesn't like, because he came by *his* opinions through much thought and stuff, so naturally they are superior, because they are his.

I don't think he's much different from the Liberal Arts Weeny (his term, not mine)Feminists who show me pity for having been brainwashed into abject servitude.

I'm trying every day to take each individual as just that, rather than lumping catagories. Sometimes it's difficult. SOmetimes the easiest thing to do is just avoid women altogether.

Amber said...

I do think that it'd be a legitimate question to ask in a lot of cases, if a bald one; most of us aren't half as open-minded as we think.

No, I agree. I really do. I guess I'm just kind of over-sensitive and trigger-happy when it comes to this kind of thing, though, because I've heard it too many times from assholes looking for a way to legitimize their bullshit and push me into a corner at the same time.

belledame222 said...

We've all got our buttons.