Thursday, April 12, 2007

best comment on this bullshit yet:

From Anna-Louise:

...trinityva links me to some of the most vile, dehumanizing shit I have ever seen in the world of internet opinions. Now, in all fairness, I'm likely to find worse shit on say, white power sites, but I don't go to those and those people are really unlikely to use words to describe their politics that I also use to describe mine.

Here's the one that really set my teeth on edge:

"Their so called consent is not solid. Let me see, paranoid schizofrenic women, bipolar disorder women, histerical personality disorder, postraumatic stress personality disorder from rape or chid abuse, 90% of them are heavy drug users, mentally retarded women, autistic women. Almost all well known US porn stars fall in one or more of those cathegories. Many are also in codependent relatioships, sometimes abusive. So much for consenting adults. "

Let's move on, for a sec, from how totally fucked up it is to imply that survivors of sexual assault are therefore, for the rest of their lives, unable to give meaningful consent. Let's even move on from the women who pose for

Let's talk about women in the sex industry who's exploitation and coercion is an indisputable fact. Let's talk about trafficked women and underage girls and what it does to truly oppressed, truly exploited women to use this kind of rhetoric.
My co-workers have met dozens of Nepalese women who were trafficked, either kidnapped or told some story, to Indian brothels. By the time my co-workers meet them they usually have HIV and have come home to their families to die. These were young girls, victimized by their families, by a patriarchal system that fetishizes virginity and most importantly by extreme poverty.

But their also survivors. My co-workers only meet these women on the worksites. That means that they doing hard physical labor, volunteering, to make a better future for the little girls in their hometowns. They aren't broken shells of people, waiting for well-meaning white folks to swoop in and destroy the sex industry. They, like many exploited women in the sex industry, and like so many oppressed people around the world, are fighters. They need allies from those of us who benefit from so much suffering.

I can't speak for these women's emotions but I can say that, from the people in my life who have been victims of sexual violence, who have been treated like something less than human by some shithead who thought that that was okay, I've learned that the best way to give a person whose been through such dehumanize trauma support is to give them respect.

* * *

I'll just add: you know, going by that genius' criteria there, I'd say a goodly chunk of the *anti-porn* folks (along with pretty much any other populace, frankly) are probably disqualified from ever being taken seriously, about politics, their worldview, their ability to -consent- (you do realize that that implies the ability to give a meaningful "no" as well as "yes"), sexuality, everything; something which in fact i am aware that a number of such folks have protested (and justifiably) for far less when it applies to themselves; where are they now?

p.s. note to genius person: there is no such thing as "histerical personality disorder." There is no such thing as "hysterical personality disorder," even. The closest actual term I can think of is "histrionic personality disorder," which, like most of the personality disorders, is not something that is particularly used to determine whether or not a person is capable of meaningful consent.

Oh, there's also the traditional pathologizing use of "hysterical" itself, I suppose. Which...yeah. Great. Savor the irony.

"Ridicule to a woman of sensitive mind, is a powerful weapon... but there is not an emotion equal to fear and the threat of personal chastisement... they will listen to the voice of authority."

I am so glad these...feminists?...are looking out for me and mine, I just can't even say.

on edit: without the sarcasm, I am appreciating this new-to-me blog:

I'm a Feminist, and...


Unsane said...

Good post as usual

Renegade Evolution said...

Yeah, I am curious about that subjective opinion wrt abuse, consent, and clear thought too...cause you know, i could be REALLY vile about that...tis tempting...

Central Content Publisher said...

It bugs me too that there isn't a rhetorical distinction between the sex industry and organized crime, because, frankly, there's a difference. We don't refer to drug lords as part of the pharmaceutical industry. Why do so with the sex industry?

Octogalore said...

"Almost all well known US porn stars fall in one or more of those cathegories (sic.)."

I love how well-researched this claim is!

louisa said...

agh that is incredibly fucked up.

Mat said...


I fucking love knowing that my consent means nothing. It's so good that people I've never met and have no interest in ever meeting look out for me and mine, Lord knows I can't do it on my own, tee hee.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Dang, I think I might have one of those catagories....guess I better become a porn star. Oh, logic no go both ways?

Anyway after reading this and the I'm a feminist link I thought you might enjoy the blog called Arthritic Young Thing (I didn't link because I don't know your prefernce policy) as she talks about BDSM used to control cronic pain condition as well as some interesting comments on disability.

belledame222 said...

thanks, Elizabeth, will check it out.

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