Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jon Justice: standing up for immigrant-bashing, rape-revenge "jokes," and the Amurrican Way.

Yes, that's right, luddites and perns! It's time for Still More Horrible People On Parade! And guess what! You don't have to choose which trumps what, the racism or the sexism! You get two! two! two for the price of one!

brownfemipower has the video, and the following commentary:

VIDEO: Isabel Garcia recently pissed off local nativists because of the work she is doing. I am purposefully not going into any detail about the work she does, because I don’t want anybody to think that this clip is vile and disgusting because the woman does amazing work. I want people to see this for what it is–a white man feeling like he can control, humiliate, and imply sexual violence against a brown woman–all while be recorded for public broadcast. It’s about a white man controlling a woman who pissed him off, by mocking her race, by implying sexual control over her through the use of racist imagery and language.

She is being attacked, mocked, ridiculed, and sexually humiliated because she is brown and she is a woman.

Click here [Vivir Latino] to find out how you can stand up to sexual violence on public airwaves. If you want to know more about Isabel Garcia and the amazing work she does, see the previous link and click here [Derechos Humanos Arizona].

More from Maegan La Mala:
Over the last 15 years of my life, where I have been an activist and blogger working with and writing about immigrant issues, being told to go back where I came from (Queens, NYC) and being threatened is nothing new. But given the current political climate being a Latina and being an outspoken advocate for the basic human rights of immigrants has become more dangerous with the battleground extending from the borders to our bodies.

Take for example Isabel Garcia and the way her work for human rights is being attacked by dehumanizing her and sexually assaulting her in effigy....

From Emily:

Select quotes from Justice abusing his pinata effigy on camera and on the air [again, quoted by Nez]:

[Justice in a female voice]: Ooooooh Viva la Raza….feels SOoosoosoosoo gooood …’oh Jon! You make me feel as warm as the inside of a chimichanga!’

[. . .]

...I find it interesting that Justice's first recourse was not through physical violence to the piñata, but through sexual abuse and degradation, which is mixed with major cultural degradation. And yet I'm sure that when someone complains about it, he'll brush it off, say it was only a doll, not a real person, etc., despite the fact that he was ready to take the violence against Arpaio's effigy seriously.Well, guess what? Rape/sexual abuse is not fucking funny, it's not a joke, and it is no less violent or invasive than outright beating someone up.

From WoC PhD:

The connection between sexual exploitation, assault, and immigration policy is well documented. Arizona, like other border states, has “rape trees” where women’s under garments are strewn across branches presumably as a sign of the price they paid to cross the border (while some have claimed these trees, which appeared shortly after the minute men, are propaganda for the conservatives, the existence of rape on the border by all sides is well documented, including a case against Border Patrol in TX and ongoing complaints of sexual assault in detention). And stories of assault and degradation surface regularly with ever new ICE raid...And while Jon Justice may have physically assaulted no one, his actions not only resonate with the stories of those who have but could, in the wrong hands, incite such behavior.

...In a nation where “shock jock” Imus is back on the air after a national campaign to hold him accountable for his disparaging remarks about women of color, and djs in Alaska made racialized sexist jokes about indigenous women with very little non-local out cry (and claim innocence b/c of lack of intent after a 3 week suspension), there is more at stake than what one dj has said and done. If we map these incidents and their frequency, we cannot ignore that the radio has become a key site for the targeting of women, and women of color in particular. During an election year in which it became acceptable for media pundits and outlets to refer to one of the candidates as a “shrew” a “b—h” and a “monster” and depict another as a terrorist burning down all things American from within the White House, there is a very real ideological battle at stake when we ignore or excuse people like Jon Justice.

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What do to: hit 'em in the pocketbook. Letters and boycott, baby. Derechos Humanos has the details.


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