Monday, November 28, 2005

Narnia lip, there, pal.

So what if it's from Disney. So what if some people want to claim the film as a vindication for "Christian moviemaking" and C.S. Lewis as an allegorical prophet--hey, at least presumably Aslan's death isn't a protracted snuff film. So what if, visually stunning as the previews look, the magnificent lion still seems, well, a teeny bit risible, when it opens its jaws and starts to talk in that genteel British voice. It's mythic! It's seminal! It's got Tilda Swinton as a nine-foot tall dominatrix! I am so there.


Tuffy said...

Good God! That outfit of Tilda's looks like something from Viktor & Rolf. I guess high fashion does trickle down after all. Or something.

I like that NYer story, thanks for the pointer.


Rey said...

OMG - me, too. I saw Constantine just to see her play Angel Gabriel.

I do miss Tilda of The Last of England and Love is the Devil, though. Where, oh where, did she go?

Tuffy said...

Never heard of those, I'll have to check them out. I liked watching her in "Teknolust," a crap movie that did at least function as a Tilda fashion show.

Tuffy said...

Oh my god Narnia rocked! I've got to find out about that director, he really knew what he was doing.

There's a sad lack of Tilda/White Witch pix on the Web. If they had a Narnia movie poster that just had the little picture of her in her sleigh, I'd so buy it.

Anonymous said...
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