Friday, December 11, 2009

Yes, that'll work.

Maggie Gallagher of NOM! sez conservatives should have Moar Babeez in order to stave off gay marriage.

Which will totally work, because if there's one thing that never happens, it's the children of right wing conservative homophobes growing up to be Teh Gay. Trufax.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with any -other- right wing Population Anxiety...


See what The Nation had to say about this, two years ago:

“The real root of racial tensions in the Netherlands and France, America’s culture warriors tell anxious Europeans, isn’t ineffective methods of assimilating new citizens but, rather, decades of “antifamily” permissiveness–contraception, abortion, divorce, population control, women’s liberation and careers, “selfish” secularism and gay rights–enabling “decadent” white couples to neglect their reproductive duties. Defying the biblical command to “be fruitful and multiply,” Europeans have failed to produce the magic number of 2.1 children per couple, the estimated “replacement-level fertility” for developed nations (and a figure repeated so frequently it becomes a near incantation). The white Christian West, in this telling, is in danger of forfeiting itself through sheer lack of numbers to an onslaught of Muslim immigrants and their purportedly numerous offspring.”


CrackerLilo said...

Argumentium ad Duggerium, gotta hate it.

While there are racial-minority people who work to deny LGBTs their rights and just love to play in the Oppression Olympics, I see several grains of truth in that paragraph. It's a lesson we humans keep re-learning over and over--prejudice dovetails with other forms of prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Those people need to watch this.

If anyone at all of the human race is going to survive, then "contraception, abortion, divorce, population control, women’s liberation and careers" are essential. If anyone is selfish, it's the ones who have two (or more!) children, because they are going to turn the planet into a dustbowl.

belledame222 said...

Argumentium ad Duggerium


belledame222 said...

SDE: No, no, because when the Tribulation starts all those excess people are either going to be Raptured away or killed horribly anyway. It'll be nice and empty by the time the Lord comes back to fix everything. You'll see.

GallingGalla said...

That's right! The planet will be a dustbowl, but it will be a -blessed- and -hallowed- and -duggerlicious- dustbowl!

Natailya Petrova said...

"We" really need to detach ethnicity/race/nationality from religion or the Iranian Mullahs-Jerry Falwells will eventually explode the world over it.


Most Arabs may be Muslims for complex reasons of theocracy, personal factors/genuine conviction, indoctrination passing itself off as "education", and zee pressure of tradition. Most white people probably rhetorically identify as Christians for similar reasons.

Islam is still just another intangible ideology ~ except for Plato and his perfect forms. Its lethality or benevolence or mixture thereof is entirely independent of skin color. Its greater predominance in one racial or ethnic group over another just speaks to the power of conformity-group cohesion over truth.

This is how I view rightist warriors against Islam:

"My beef with most anti-Islamic websites etc is that when they say Western Civilization, they do not mean what is objectively worthy of being defended: our Enlightenment-based global Human Civilization, of which rational people in India and Taiwan and South Korea are just as much a part as Americans and Europeans. Instead, what they mean when they say "Western Civilization" is Christendom - and their agenda is to recruit allies on Christendom's side in its conflict with Islam. It is sometimes worth pointing out that in its pure, unadulterated form, Christendom and Islam are evil twins, each as much in conflict with Human Civilization as the other."

Unfortunately; I don't feel this will satisfy everyone in the it still passes radically negative judgment on the religious approach period. I'd say the best way to deal with extremist social conservativism is to offer major support to its dissident offspring. A psychology battered down by the fear of the Lord needs emphatic understanding ~ hat tip to psychologist, Alice Miller, on "Enlightened Witnesses".

Thanks for a chance to state the obvious again! Been awhile since commenting on here...

: )

DaisyDeadhead said...

I really, really, dislike that woman.

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Natailya Petrova said...

Oh Belle,

I just read your Nation quote again. It's weird how right wingers can hate such liberal things at home, but they can warn of a threat from people who don't accept them lol

I talked to a Frenchman last night. The situation in France is the opposite of the U.S. via much more strictly observed law ~ we do have that whole clause in the Constitution and all.

Swearing an oath on the Bible is a way to get yourself out of politics and not into first reaction was: "Woah! We need your system."


Hope you post more soon!

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