Friday, September 24, 2010

I etn't dead

but, I'm not sure if/where this blog is going at this point. I have some vague thoughts of clearing out the blogroll and redesigning this as a writing/fan blog, with some food, or something along those lines. Maybe.

Basically, I'm busy with real life, and I've been rethinking a few things. I'm not posting about them because, bluntly, in the inchoate form I'm in it'd basically come out as a lot of wank. And, I'm trying to cut down on wank. That kind, at least.

Politically, it's kind of...a combination of laziness and denial, and depression at least wrt U.S. political headlines, which can basically be summed up as something like:

"Republicans: 'NO!! Suck our teabag.'"

That's not even it, though. It's not this subject either, although I thought about a response to this post (and seq. linked) at various points these last few weeks. Briefly. Maybe I will at some point. Maybe.

Mainly though I'm in a different mood, and I would to talk about something...else. Mostly I've been doing that somewhere(s) that's else, but I have a certain reluctance to throw shit away, and I put a lot of energy into this blog. So, we'll see.

Meanwhile: I'm never going to be an adult either, but I need to have this woman's little cartoon children.


JM said...

I missed ya.

That Queer Chick said...

I missed you too.

Oddly enough, my gf (who does Transgurl) said "I was thinking of starting my site over, but making it more political." I said "I was thinking of starting my blog over and getting rid of all the political stuff."

PS Your Hyperbole and a Half link is borked.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

I vote you keep fucken blogging!

belledame222 said...


yeah, I always seem to bork the links lately, i go fix

Natalia Petrova said...

I've felt the same way lately kinda. I'll check in to see what you decide to do.

GallingGalla said...

writing/fan blog, with some food

If this ends up being your focus, you know I'll stick around, cos I sure can use a respite from the chaos that is politics these days.

And if I get a tasty recipe or a link to decent writing or entertaining fandom stuff, so much the better.

Elizabeth McClung said...

I am glad you are not dead. We should start a club or something (Not Dead and Pissed - wait isn't that a Zombie?). I wasn't able to get around to other blogs, but I am trying. And I glad to find you here.

I was thinking of trying to do some feminist/theory blogs since I have been doing research blogs (a nice on Necropolis, the two cities with railroads - real places).

A real life: I am all in envy, but that cool. And, in some sort of political irony, I am currently medically prevented from watching politics and TV news (seriously, enforced on doctor's advice - odd).

belledame222 said...

Elizabeth, I am very glad to see you.

Brown Shoes said...

Seems like everyone had the same impulse at the same time, I couldn't keep up with the political stuff either, but - whatever you do, keep in touch!

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