Thursday, October 19, 2006

Images meme, 2

So at first I was gonna just be lazy and re-gank two pics I really like from my other, far quieter blog. This one is from a shop called Fairy Goth Mother: (nope, not endorsing, never even been or bought anything. just pining, really)

This one is a snap of one tarot card from a deck called Cosmic Tribe. The card is "The Queen of Wands." I was using her to accompany a Judy Grahn poem with the same title. More information on the general Tarot symbolism of Queen of Wands here; and the Cosmic Tribe artist's interpretation here.

If you want the TV Guide capsule blurb, as far as I'm concerned it boils down to: fire, or creative energy; including the erotic (which means far more than you think it means).

On those general themes, then, a few more, loosely ordered:

First, a couple publicity stills from a performance troupe called Liquid Fire Productions: multi-racial and cultural lesbians of color erotic arts performance and workshops. Alas, I haven't seen their work (wrong side of the country, I b'leeve). I was however very excited to find this website. A few of my passions all bound up together, not least of which an old flame of mine: theatre.

So then I started thinking, for the first time in a very long time indeed, about some of the theatre artists/performances I have seen, that excited me. I started by hunting up a dance/performance troupe called Momix. Here's one still:

Simultaneously I was googline "erotic arts," and found--well, first of all, this is an all-round kick-ass site, I've just barely started exploring it; looks like a portal to all kinds of stuff centering on India, including, but not limited to, an enormous arts section. Kamat's Potpourri. Anyway, within the arts section, there is a smaller subsection dedicated to, yup, "erotic arts." Here are a couple that I liked:

Back to the more performative arts, I've also always been a huge Julie Taymor fan.

Here's a still from the movie "Frida:" (I'm pretty sure; may be a publicity still)

one of her stage productions; "the King Stag," I think?

from the opera "Grendel:"

and finally just jumping around a bit: the Frida Kahlo made me think of Georgia O'Keefe, whom I didn't end up using; somewhere in my wanderings, I found this instead (alas, don't remember where--if this is yours, please claim credit!) "Succulent:"

the Tarot made me connect to Jung, and mandalas:

...which in turn had me thinking a bit more...cosmically. Anyway, I knew I'd seen some photos via NASA I'd really dug:

spiral dance:

more liquid fire (a sunspot, I think)

and just a few others that pleased me. this is a "green aurora:"

another green aurora:

Martian landscape:

...and the familiar made wondrous strange, once again, through an unexpected revelation:

...And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy...


So: tagging. I...tag: Kevin from Slant/Truth, Zuky, piny from Feministe, Bitch | Lab, Donna from "Silence of Our Friends," Robin from bamboo lemur boys...(hey, you said you wanted a fun one!), Alex from Train Mama, kactus, jackadandy, Black Amazon, Rootietoot, and whomever else the spirit moves. n.b. you don't have to do as many as i did: the original meme sez "eight."


Rootietoot said...

k. did 8.

Taihae said...

Hey, really enjoying your blog, especially from the perspective of an old theatre lover seeing those pictures, something I havent thought of for ages. Great to see all of those pictures in that progression, somehow. Ties the world together.

belledame222 said...

Hey, thanks, taihae! and welcome!

Zan said...

Yeah, I'm still stuck on the picture of all the preeeetttty girls! And pouting cause none of them live near me. Oh well. I may have to do this one too....give me an excuse to go looking at pictures ;)

Hahni said...

thanks for the tag, bd. that was mucho fun.

Donna said...

I'll get on this tomorrow. I've already got some ideas but now I have to see if I can find pictures to match the ideas!

Anonymous said...

Great posts, belledame222.

And thanks for the tag. See what you think. ;-D


Nanette said...

This is so neat. I've visited Kai's, kactus's and rootietoot's so far, (well, and yours, of course), and it's just so fun to see the photo variations and different interpretations, text and etc.

Good stuff.

Donna said...

I've got my eight here

I've found even more to post later, including some really old pictures of Maliseet people including my grandfather.

I even have a special image to thank you for tagging me, Belle. *snicker*

Donna said...

Nanette, I wanted to tag you, but since your website is in magazine form I wasn't sure if you would be able to do it. If you can, then consider yourself tagged!

Anonymous said...

belledame222, beautiful post!

Deborah said...

Gorgeous stuff. I love the Fairy Goth Mother.

belledame222 said...

isn't it fab? i only wish i could do more than covet from afar right now?

thanks, jen! welcome!

Chris C. said...

Um... The best I can do is...sigh...plead Mea Culpa.

I await my penance.


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