Thursday, February 23, 2006

And away we go: here comes the bill to challenge Roe v. Wade. Now.

South Dakota Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Abortion.

The gloves are off. This one would ban all abortions except when the life (not health) of the mother is in danger, in South Dakota. No exceptions for rape, incest, nada. Five year prison term for doctors who'd perform an abortion. Governor signs, Planned Parenthood files a lawsuit, and it's off and away to the Supreme Court. "The timing is right," sez the ban's sponsor. Gee, I wonder what he could mean. Hey-ho, let's go.


Rey said...


erinberry said...

Welcome to the 19th century.

Anonymous said...

You know, the old laws against abortion and birth control were originally meant to supply capitalists with a steady supply of cheap and expendable laborers for the factories and mines, and the state with a steady supply of cannon fodder for the military. Well, the Iraq war isn't gulping down mass quantities of young men (yet), and no one here has any use for laborers now that all manufacturing is being done in China (where they have their "one-child-per-family" law - go figure). So what are the misogynist godbag ratfuckers (I LIKE that term! Thanks!) planning to do besides pack Uncle Newt Gingrich's orphanages to the rafters (shades of Nicolae Ceaucescu's Romania)? I don't get it.

What worries me most is when the Bush Court gets around to legalizing Abu-Grahib-style trteatment of non-terroristic American political dissidents.

Bitch | Lab said...

i saw this coming when i kept reading lefty men -- men i respect -- telling me this would never happen.

all i can say is, i hope someone with more resources and a louder mouth than i have gets the ball rolling in the ways i mentioned at Bitch Lab.

I'm tired of rolling over and handing the vaseline to these fucksticks. i want 'em to bend over for our lesbian phallus for a change.