Friday, November 30, 2007

'tis the season to go postal

if i hear "jingle bell rock" ONE MORE TIME...

and it's not even december yet.



Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

I've been finding it really weird, this year, having a whole extra week between Thanksgiving and Advent, because it means everyone's been counting it as "the Christmas season" since a week before Friday, when Advent doesn't even start till tomorrow. (And, if you're really traditional, Advent is actually supposed to be distinct from Christmas.)

Chuckie K said...

Sorry I wasn't here Friday.

For me, the Christmas season doesn't start until the chia pet ads hit the tube. Well, the Christmas season has started!

Speaking of religious themed celebrations, according to the activities calendar at my mom' nursing home, December will include the "Jewish Hannukah." Anyone know when they're holding the Hindu Hannukah?

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