Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Okay, and -as- long as I'm on a fangirl streak anyway, I feel compelled to share these findings with whomever might also appreciate...such things: David Tennant in drag.

once as a joke

but here (think this must be from some years ago)...well, i think it's meant to be a comedy, probably? (i have no earthly clue what the Scottish men are saying; I think they're orcs) but um. DT's presentation/performance? oh my wordies. i'll be in my bunk...

Yeah, eventually i'll get back to more serious posting...

("bombs are flying...people are dying...the whole world's gone to hell, but how are you?...")

...eventually. Then again, i'm kind of enjoying the shallow end.

Btw, did I ever mention my theory that the Sims holds the secret of life?

No, SRSLY. See, they have these little bars indicating their virtual little needs: hunger, bladder, energy (sleep), social, comfort, fun, and, uh, aesthetic something or other. When all or most of the little bars are comfortably above the halfway point, at least, then they're happy, and you can make them do whatever you want, pretty much. They'll do the tedious shit without complaining much (take out the trash, study, look for a job, exercise), and whatever "fun" stuff they do (throw a party, come onto the cute neighbor) is far more likely to be successful. (Sexytime is part of "social," I guess). They're more likely to get promoted, spontaneously start writing a book or playing the piano, take good care of the kids, and so forth.

When one or more of the various bars is running near empty, they won't be able to do much until that need is taken care of (especially if it's hunger or sleep). And if they're running low overall, they whine and stamp their little feet and burst into tears randomly, sleep through their alarm, start fights, and go "uh uh" when asked to do something taxing, instead wandering off to watch TV.

If the social bar gets too low, they start regressing and eventually end up babbling to an imaginary giant rabbit.

It's great stuff, especially if you feel sadistic. Once I created a "Bush administration" household of eight and tormented them all to death. Well, first I had them fighting over three single beds, one shower, and one toilet; the rest had to take turns, and they were all really cranky so they kept kvetching and getting into fights. Then I removed all that stuff, and had them throw a party. It's not a great way to make friends and influence people, walking around unbathed for weeks, soiling one's virtual self and bursting into tears, picking fights, and of course, fly-encrusted garbage everywhere. Then I got tired of it. I put Rove in the swimming pool and removed the ladder; they swim till they drown. Cheney I locked in the attic with no food. Someone burned to death at the stove...and George was a schoolboy whose grades got so low that he was shipped off to boarding school; this was the old version where they don't age. If I had the capacity for Sims 2, I'd totally have had him get abducted and impregnated by aliens.

No, wait, but I had a point, here, somewhere. Something important. What was it again?...

oh, yeah:

Ole-like mjoel! Robaluki khan. Awasa poa. Uh, licht nar? Uh -uh!- Oo shonga day? Cayoo! Krach! Lamoo! Frabbit! Deepwa spanewash deepla blah!


betmo said...

good for you :) we like dr. who also but hubby's fave is chris eccleston. tennant isn't bad but eccleston seemed to embody dr. who- but i doubt i would want to see him in drag :)

Eli said...

I am reminded of one of the most brilliant things of all time.

BTW, the shadowy and mysterious Codename V., who is no slouch at Sims torture herself, was very impressed by the diabolicalness of the let's-throw-a-party idea.

Anonymous said...

The second clip is a comedy.

The upshot of the Scots' talking is that they are trying to work out whether Davina is a man or a woman.

belledame222 said...

eli: OMG. the neighbors DIE IN THEIR OWN URINE--because they want, nay, NEED to ring the doorbell!! Death can't get in!! that's fucking hilarious.

SDE: yeah, I got that much. I still think they're orcs.

belledame222 said...

betmo: no, I don't think he'd fem up well at all, CE. I did like his turn as the Doctor, though. thought he was very good. Tennant's an amazing actor as well as pretty, tho'.

belledame222 said...

--the most evil part of that of all, though, the Sims torture thing i mean: being forced to STARE AT A CLOWN PAINTING FOR ALL ETERNITY. Sartre WISHES he could've invented a hell like that.

Tom Nolan said...

SDE: yeah, I got that much. I still think they're orcs - BD


Does that joke work on too many levels, do you think?

Kim said...

Oh shit! -- I laughed at loud at your whole "Once I created a "Bush administration" household of eight and tormented them all to death" paragraph.

That was some excellent writing.

I HATE The Sims, tho -- thought I'd love it, start playing and started stressing: TIME GOES WAY TOO FAST! By the time I get one of 'em up and fed, it's time for work, then they start stinking or crying or pissing on the floor.

Too much work, those fuckers.
I never had time to get 'em to do anything fun due all their needs.
Maybe I wasn't playing right???

And bulding a house?
Forget it.
My girl lived in one huge room with a toilet in the middle of it.
Couldn't figure out how to build that shit for the life of me.

Rootietoot said...

ooo ech methinkashegonna goo ooda to der dingaboo er sompin.

Mandos said...

Speaking of simulations and creative torments, I've just discovered justicewalks' blog. I find this post most fascinating:

therapydoc said...

We used to say, in the Cold War days, This just in, Missiles flying from Russia, details at ten.

belledame222 said...

hey, welcome, therapydoc.

Daisy Bond said...

Oh man, I love the Sims. If you ever get the chance to get the Sims 2, do it -- it's way better. Though there's some anti-fat stuff in it (they can get fat from not exercising, and you have to exercise them until they're thin again), but there's also the same refreshing lack of homophobia. Either way, tons of fun.

a very public sociologist said...

Fangirl posts are good. I'd do them too. But they would be fanboy posts. Obviously.