Wednesday, January 23, 2008

as if there weren't enough reasons to loathe these people

John Gibson says! Heath Ledger's death is so funny, you know, he played that gay cowboy that was all tragic and now he's dead for reals, isn't that funny?

dear talking heads: Matthews, Gibson, fucking O'Rly, Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Coulter, Hannity, please feel free to insert your own:

Just: Die In A Fire already. 'K? Yes, you got me, that's right, I'm NOT a bleeding heart liberal, and I'm not laughing today, my heart is BURNING, and I have no more blood or laughter or empathy for empathy-devoid wastes of skin like you. Just: disappear. LEAVE this planet. You have consumed far too much oxygen as it is. There's not enough to go around, you're RIGHT. Now: you go first.

No, seriously. GO. Die in a pool of your own broken misery, you soulless cesspits from hell. Go on. It'll be -funny.- It'll be ENTERTAINING. Isn't it always? Maybe we can snap a pic of your bloodied undies while we're at it, hm? You worthless, wretched, GHOULS. You bloated, entitled, smug pasty fuckers. You, sitting on a pile of your own waste and calling it "civilization," the thing you want to -protect-, STANDARDS, you -foul- little pieces of shit--

tell me, o righteous defenders of Christmas, borders, America, Family Values, hapless blonde women who aren't alive to protest your salivations, who's going to save us from -you?- Who, you carrion feeding fucks? YOU -are- the Weakest Link, goddamit; and while getting rid of your -slime- for once and for all wouldn't fix what's wrong with this culture, probably wouldn't even be much of a beginning, godDAM but it would be a spark to my heart.

Maybe then, I'd have some blood for you. Maybe, finally, then. But not before.

For now, you'll have to settle for bile.

It's all the same to you anyway, isn't it?


Alon said...

You know, if I had a political talk show, and people asked me on air to comment, I'd say, "It's a political talk show, not Entertainment Weekly. I don't talk about celebrity actors for the same reason I don't talk about the New York Yankees, Tyra Banks, or Honda Accord 2008."

Daisy said...

What a horrible asswipe! You can even listento the contempt in his voice! -snarl-

Aquila ka Hecate said...

Well said.
Terri in Joburg

betmo said...

you said it!!!! thanks! i'm not a bleeding heart liberal either- and i wouldn't mind seeing some oh- waterboarding or other non torturous techniques on these pansy asses.

Kim said...

How much do I want to hit Gibson in the face with a brick?

Tom Nolan said...

Well said, Belle.

But next time don't pull your punches.

Rootietoot said...

Good heavens, Belle, tell me what you *really* think next time!

UneFemmePlusCourageuse said...

I know, Gibson's an ass--the man DIED, dude. I doubt you'd be saying this if Ledger was a conservative actor whose most well-known role was as a soldier whose best friend or wife was murdered. It seriously pisses me off that Gibson and Fred Phelps are turning Heath Ledger's death into a chance for them to proselytize against the gay community.

fastlad said...

my god, the eloquence. you dazzle and amaze us.

ilyka said...

Thank you, I needed this.

Anthony Kennerson said...

Oh, that Gibby....I guess that "two in the noggin" was getting old for him, so he had to find some other straw liberal to slay.

Someone should remind him that Heath Ledger was playing a ROLE in a fictional movie, not really being gay...and that that might have nothing to do with his untimely death (though overwork and stress combined with taking drugs could have contributed more. But, since when did John Gibson (or any other FUX Snooze....errrr, Fixed Noise paid shill commentator, for that matter) ever let the truth get in the way of a good bashing of Hollywood "liberals"???

If these fools (BillO, Beck, Coultergeist, Hannity, Jabba the Fat-Ass Comedian/Oxycontin Addict, ....and don't get me started on Tweety, Dick Morris, Jim Carville, and the talking twerps on the DLC side of the media ledger) are going to use up all the oxygen in my TV screen, at least allow some real progressives some decent airtime for a change. Getting, say, Linda Ellerbee some airtime to back up Keith Olbermann would be a nice start.


The Truffle said...

I doubt Gibson will be remembered as fondly as Ledger. I think Gibson knows this.