Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oh, dear, ohdearohdearohdear.

Will someone please tell this nice young ex-homosexual radio talk show host that his Freudian slip is showing?

[My wife] looked stunning (as usual.) She is so prissy and elegant. This is my personal blog, so I can say what I please: I'm more in love today with my wife than yesterday! Our love grows stronger everyday!

...My daughter and her friend tried a piece of "free" Sushi an oriental woman was passing out in the food court. If I only had my camera! The faces they made were priceless - that is as they were running to the garbage can to spit out the raw fish in their mouths. (They have alot more guts than me - I would NEVER try Sushi!)

His loss.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah i can imagine he's not so fond of the sushi.

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