Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Awesome names for MRA fuckwit blogs!

So, seeing as what a rousing success the Maudlin-Feminist blognames list over to Natalia's was, (now in its second volume!), now thinking it's only -fair- and -equal- to answer the eternal cry,

"But What ABOUT Teh Menz?!"

And sure enough, with real live blogs out there with such titles as:

"One Man's Kingdom: A Member of the Slave Sex Revolts "
"Dick Masterson"
"No Ma'am"
"Rebel Against The Feminazi Blitzkrieg"
"Global Gynogulag"
"End of Men"
"Another Day In The Jungle"

...really, what choice did we have but to offer the lads some helpful suggestions of our own. What kind of helpmates would we be otherwise?

Thanks to everyone who contributed; feel free to claim ownership and/or offer more in the comments.


1,000 Men Crying, No Pity In Sight
10 Pints Of Lager And I'm Sick On Your Shoes
Abandoned In The Toy Department
All You Need is a Deep Dicking
Alone On Friday Night: A Tragedy In Five Acts
Are You My Mummy?
Balls Out!: A Blog
Blogging is Cheaper than Viagra
But I Love You- A Stalker's Manifesto
Call Me Cobag
Castrated By Your Laughter
Condoms Are For Girls
Confounded by Mysterious Lady-Parts
Custody Without Responsibility
Derisory...? Misogynist!
Dickswingin' Digest
Emasculated with a Blow-Torch and Left to Die in the Kitchenware
Entranced By My Own Emissions, Why Aren't You, Dammit??
Eternal Towelboy
Every Sperm IS Sacred
Every Time A Man Cries, Chuck Norris Shoots a Kitten
Everything I Know About Sex I Learned From Traci Lords
Feminists Stole My Precious Bodily Fluids
Fuck Me I'm Awesome (Please)
Give Me My Ball(s) Back, I'm Going Home
Go Get Me A Beer
God is a MAN (With Back-Hair and a Mortgage, Just Like Me)
Gold Diggers, Whores, And Dykes, Oh My!
Grabbing My Dick And Jumping Up And Down
Grunting Into The Void
He Blinded Me With Junk Science
How Big's Yours, Then?
Huh Huh Huh Boobies
Hunted by Hairy Man-Haters
I Am A Cliche
I Bought You A Slushee, You Owe Me A Blowjob
I Can Outwhine Any Woman Any Day Of The Week, Go On, Try Me!
I Can Piss Standing Up!! And Other Brilliant Accomplishments
I Can't Even Spell Injunctive Relief
I Can't Hear You Unless You're Naked
I KNEW Girls Had Cooties...
I'm A Nice Guy(tm). So Why Won't You Date Me, Bitch?
IM NOT GAY!!!111!ONE!!
I'm Not Just The President Of The Dickhead Club, I'm Also A Member
I'm Spartacus And So's My RealDoll
Incoherent Rage
It Takes A Deadbeat
It's Gettin' Hard Out Here for a Prick
It's Not A Tantrum, It's A MANtrum!
Jerking My Way To Freedom
Loud Is the New Right
Mauled By The Marauding Myrmidons of the Mingelyrd Oversoul
Me, My Hand, And I
Mom Never Loved Me, The Wife Never Fucked Me
Mother Of All Mommy Complexes
My Bitch Ex-wife Dumped Me For Some Reason
My Mind Is Like A Plastic Bag
My Mom, From Whose Basement I Type This, Is a Feminazi
No Kitchen Chain Is Too Short
No One Knows What It's Like...To Be The Dad Man
No, I Have Not Stopped Beating My Wife Yet
Nobody's Angrier Than I Am
On Her Tits
On My Way To A Manly Coronary
One Lonely Guy
Politically Erect
Proud Dad To Roughly Three Kids
Rebel Without A Clue
Respect My Authoritah!
Robbed Of My God-Given Right To Be A Dick
Rod McManly Pants Does Not Care What You Think
Sad Sacks United
Sandwiches from My Bitches
Scrawling My Name In The Snow Of The Internets
Social Skills Are For Pussies
Somewhere Between Al Bundy And Ted Bundy
Somewhere Over The Rainbow, There Are Women Who Won't Laugh At Me
Sphincter Talk, You Listen
Spitting Out The Pubes of Injustice
The Big Whine
The Black Knight
The Bloodshot Homosocial Gaze
The Family Jewels
The Fiefdom
The He-Man Woman-Hater's Club
The NoMotherland
The Travis Bickle Appreciation (Anti) Society
Two Inches Of Power!
Walk Behind Me With Your Head Hanging Low
Walter Mitty On Meth
Washed The Dishes, Where's My Reward?
What About MEEEEEEEE??!
What's A Clitoris?
What's Your Fucking Problem Anyway? The Earth Always Moves For Me
Where's Dinner?
Woody Woodpecker Sings the Blues
Y'all Don't Know What It's Like, Being Male, Middle-class and White
You Just Wait, I Won't Sleep With You And Then Where Will You Be? Huh???
Your Equality Hurts Me


Anonymous said...

I wiped away more than one tear just now, hahah.

Every Sperm IS Sacred should be a MRA Evangelical Christian hardcore punk band.

CrackerLilo said...

Absolutely hilarious! I have to admit that I spend far less time looking at MRA blogs than radfem blogs, because their names alone are just such a warning to me as a woman (and, despite what some would say, a feminist.) Thanks for doing your part to correct a glaring gender imbalance, anyway.

belledame222 said...

Oh yeah, definitely there was only so much erm "research" I could take. You do get the idea pretty fast, though...

also going off the charming contributions from the lads who decided to come pay RE and/or anyone else I actually do read.

Anonymous said...

My favourite is definitely "I Can't Hear You Unless You're Naked." SO TRUE.

"Ejaculations": for the MRA who appreciates the finer things in life.

United Wankers of the World
Saving Up For A Mail-Order Bride
The Stripper Really Likes Me
An Orgy of the Imagination
What Do You Mean, "No"?

The Empress said...

As was done with Natalia's post (and will now be done with volume 2), anytime I write a post about something stupid and sexist some guy has done, I will use one of these blog titles and link back to this post.

ArrogantWorm said...


Excellent idea, that.

'Lace Curtain Conspiracy'

'Command & Conquer: Pink Alert'

Anonymous said...

"You! Suck! No? You suck!"

"Is This a Dagger I See Before Me? No, It's My Cock!"

"Just A Minute, Penis!" (or possibly "Just a Minute Penis!")

"By The Power of Grayskull, I am Cocklord!"

"God Wants Women To Suffer, That's Why They Have Periods"

"The P-Cs Are Polluting My PC"

"Only A Man Could Make This Many Erections"

Anonymous said...

This one's real:

Man Up Men: It’s Time to Become the Man You Were Meant to Be

The guy's a troll, and the acronym for his blog is MUM. High. Larry. Us.

Anonymous said...

Global Gynogulag - actually funnier than any of the made-up blog titles. I'm having it printed on a tee-shirt.(Along with: "Critical Theory: Help Thou My Unbelief").

Evn said...

In keeping with the theme, I humbly submit:

Girls Have Vaginas, Boys Have Orgasms

It’s Just the Testosterone Talking

Never Suck a Dick on Purpose: a Guide to Fraternity Life

Penile Infallibility

Reproductive Freedom, and Other Attacks on My Balls

Still Not Oppressed After All These Years

Your Existence is Somehow a Threat: Why Gays are Scarier than Blacks, But Not as Scary as Radical Feminists

Anonymous said...


My Rage Has Viagra Now

Pissing Where I Want To

But I Could Get Drafted!

Renegade Evolution said...

i am disappointed the marion barry title did not make the list...

however, I did laugh my ass off.

Daisy Deadhead said...

G-spot, Schmee Spot!

Anonymous said...

"Ejaculations" has got to be my favorite; most impact in the fewest letters.

How about these:

- Bros Before Hoes (but not in a gay way)
- What did my gender do NOW?
- You may HAVE penis envy, but a MAN invented it! ...Never Mind
- Never Privileged Enough
- Zen in the Art of Wankery

Anonymous said...

"Shootin' in Your Face"


Anonymous said...

What did my gender do NOW?

I have a confession to make: the above exactly expresses my jaded frame of mind when I visit a lot of feminist blogs.

MomTFH said...

From my husband:

High marks for skid marks!

Aviva DV said...

Totally awesome. My favorites are Castrated By Your Laughter; I Bought You A Slushee, You Owe Me A Blowjob;
I'm A Nice Guy(tm). So Why Won't You Date Me, Bitch? (which make me think of this Onion spoof); and Washed The Dishes, Where's My Reward?.

And one to add to the list:

Beware the Vagina Dentata

Echolalia said...

2&1/2 Inches of Swinging Male Fury

Anonymous said...

In terms of sheer hilarity, "Go Get Me A Beer" has got to be my favourite. And no I didn't submit it. But I submitted some other ones.

Ginger said...

Just wanted to say - you're hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I love you. thanks.

belledame222 said...

psst-thar be MOAR.

Mark said...

I particularly liked:
"Give Me My Ball(s) Back, I'm Going Home"

It's an ongoing joke in our house.

Anonymous said...

bahahahahahah omg wtf swoons

Anonymous said...

Somebody do something with "Truck Nutz" for volume 2 pleeze; I'm not creative enough:

Anonymous said...

No Means Have a NOther Drink

Anonymous said...

Says it all.

Anonymous said...

This is so brilliant! almost seems like you are talking about this one guy I know! But I know it's just a composite of all those asshole jerks out there who like to have sex with girls and write about it! Equality is all about cutting that shit out, you know? Making sure we pass it on to all women that if one woman finds it demeaning, it is demeaning, because there has to be a standard! Too many times, girls actually like sex talk and don't realize that comment towards a woman's beauty or sex is immediately insulting. These women rally shouldn't even be called women, because they obviously have no self respect. I especially like when you attack the father-kid relationship, which is so incredibly skewed in the man's favor, and we all know men don't love their children and whining about it is all for drama's sake. You really hit the nail on the head there and your generalizing about a situation you know absolutely nothing about is only your right because you're a woman and whoever the prick is probably looks at naked women and likes breasts and rarely appreciates the indigo girls. Fuck, I just wish whoever this asshole is could read your heartfelt, all-emcompassing shit and realize that he is a walking sperm donor and in that rare instance wherein a woman gets custody, he shouldn't bore us with his fake-ass sadness in regards to that kid, because we all know it's a lie, because he's a man and he even, I bet, has disagreed with feminist before, which, as you know, means he hates all women. Truly, way to prove yourself the more tolerant one and show real empathy by taking avoiding such direct shots as, "I want to fuck women, all of them" and keeping it general and not personal by involving the kid stuff. Totally deserved. Never pull punches you feminine hero!

belledame222 said...

glad you approve, nony. Say, can you play "Melancholy Baby?"

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure this will get deleted, but without further adieu:

There are a lot of valid issues on MRA blogs.

One issue is the socio-sexual relationships between men and women; what women say they want and what women actually respond to being total opposites. Reciprocity in dating, ie, paying for dates: Women want "equality" with men but then they want men to pay their way and put them on a pedestal. The fact that women pejoratively label it "Nice Guy(TM)" shows an utter lack of sympathy for the male condition. A genuine nice guy, experiencing frustration with women, unable to figure them out and not understanding why he's single constantly when women say "all I want is a nice guy, my boyfriend is so mean to me!" eventually speaks out and calls: "horseshit!" - because that is really what it is, a buncha bologna. Women take this response to prove that he's really not a nice guy after all, ie - if he was really nice, he would never say anything bad about women, and would just accept his forced celibacy happily and keep holding the door to the threshold where his love interest meets the next jerk who's gonna use her and move on. In reality he's not being "manipulative" at all - he's being human. Is it any wonder men are becoming embittered and the "Nice Guy(TM)" is a dying breed after age 20?

Another issue is draft legislation. Women want "equality" - but they still want men to be the ones who fight and die in wars in defense of the country in which these women live. I know of very few women who stand up and proudly proclaim themselves Equity Feminists and lobby to change draft legislation. "But I Could Get Drafted!" shows an utter and complete lack of sympathy for the lives of men that have been sacrificed so that we can lead the lives we live. The world politic climate is increasingly unstable and the idea of a draft in the next decade or even 5 years is not entirely ludicrous. It will be the men who are drafted to die while women attend night school to improve themselves. It's no wonder men are embittered when women make up 15% of enlisted, yet less than 1% of the casualties and are not sent into direct combat, and are not required to sign up for the draft. Where's the equality in that? But rather than move for change, feminists are content to ignore the issue at best, and at worst poke fun of men who bring up the issue. Violence and death is funny when it happens to men, right?

Which is another issue: It's acceptable and in fact desirable to make fun of men, cast men as stupid characters, show men getting hurt in advertisements, and sell T-shirts that say "Boys are stupid: throw rocks at them."

This entire list, poking fun at MRA's, who stand up on valid issues and concerns, shows a lack of empathy for the suffering men must go through in society. Weren't women in that position once upon a time? Men helped them out of that position - and now that we need help, we're on our own: but worse than just ignoring us, women are standing up to spit in our eyes and turn the knife a little bit more.

You people disgust me. And I am so glad that the MRM is picking up speed more and more these past 2 years. I can't wait to see the social changes. Your day will come.

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