Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Female Gaze is in the house, yo

Via fastlad, Latte D. Kyd, a Canadian feminist rapper who (along with six other women) was an emcee for the 1st Ladies of Hip Hop against RAPE concert last January. She is also aesthetically and erotically fond of large testicles.

I was already a fan of the (white, straight...fierce and funny) Princess Superstar:

"I've been thinking about Kool Keith's ass for a long time now
Thinkin about how I gotta get out find out where he hangs out with his pants down
I know he likes porno stacks and cable, mentally unstable
But that's ok I'll cook dinner then make him dance naked while I medicate
him and clean off the kitchen table
He lives in LA I hate it there but I got big blonde hair so I'll fit in,
visit my Grandma, play her my new CD
And then from there go to Burbank, sit in the studio audience of Jeopardy,
make Keith take me to
Universal Studios, Disneyland, Viper Room, then he'll get in bed with me
I mean, the guy needs a little therapy.
"It depends how much you're willing to destroy my career"
Ha! That's what he says to me? How ya gonna say that Mr. Dr. Doom insane
rat sandwich Dr. Octagynocologist Obscenity
... I just wanna cuddle up against the bare moon, I wanna spoon
He could sing me "Blue Flowers" in my ear, but maybe this time, it'd be in tune
Look Keith, if you're listening send me an aol email, I'm a hot female, I
keep it real, representin what?
Your butt."

" ...Dot commers don't affect migrant farmers, Bronx Bombers get paid enough to help all the baby mamas
I'm a vomit this 'til all the lobbyists in congresses keep their promises and the artists are all real artists
And the fathers finish what the fuck they started..."

On a slightly different track, Lis Riba provides a pointer to what is probably the closest thing currently available to a filmed version of female-authored male-on-male porn (aka slash): a video montage of...well, see for yourself.

(note: probably not safe to open at work)


jack (aka angrybrownbutch) said...

On the female-authored male-on-male porn: I could only watch a few seconds at work and will have to return to it later, but from the first few seconds, OMFG ALAN RICKMAN!!!!!! how i <3 him.

belledame222 said...

oops, I should've specified: not work-safe.

douglass said...


That's all good in my book.

but, I can't comment about the link.

(thaks for warning the audience about the male on male content)

La Gringa said...

God, I laughed so hard when I saw this! Awesome!

dykotomy said...

I didn't laugh - I smiled because I loved it - I thought it was a beautiful, sweet sexy rendition of male love (though I didn't see the very end - my stoopid net connection was SO slow)

EL said...

I am IN LOVE with Princess Superstar. Got to meet her after a show because friends had the hook-up. She said, "I love it when my dressing room is full of adoring dykes!"

Jill Posener said...

Great to see Alan Rickman getting some attention - he and I were at drama school together in London in the 70's!
Great guy!
Aside from that, love this blog and thanks for your comments on mine!
Jill Posener

Lis Riba said...

Great to see Alan Rickman getting some attention - he and I were at drama school together in London in the 70's!

SOME attention? Slashers follow him whereever he goes. When I found out he was voicing Marvin in Hitchhiker's Guide, I knew that could only mean Marvin-slash...

Heck, somebody's recut the Harry Potter films to make a Snape-centric music video of Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy"

I'll tell you this, though, if you've got any photos of him from his younger years that you're willing to make public, you could make yourself very popular.

Lis Riba said...

What I'm trying to say is that Alan Rickman is many women's lust object; Jason Isaacs has become another...

Anonymous said...

veterinary Take a piece of me