Sunday, May 14, 2006


Rove indicted. Maybe. and a Harris poll has Bush down to 29% approval. among other news that has the deliciously compelling taste of chewing on tinfoil. how 'bout that NSA, eh?

*(yes, NSA, not CSA. heh).


Bitch | Lab said...

i can't wait to talk to one of my clients who is so down on shrub. he's funny and he'll crack some good jokes, no doubt.

for the conservatives, I liked the CNN poll that said that people viewed Clinton as more honest than Shrub -- and just plain better than Shrub on nearly every angle: economic, foreign policy, nat'l security, you name it.

I was never much of a clinton fan, but the schadenfreude is delicious.

belledame222 said...

at this point it just feels like a numbers game: how low *can* he go?? 29 was Nixon's nadir, if I'm not mistaken, and that was *after* Watergate came out and it was all over but the speechifying, iirc.

Anthony Kennerson said...

First off,'s NSA, not CSA (which, I believe, was the acronym for the Confederate States of America).

Secondly, Nixon actually went as far down as 24% when he was forced to resign....but considering that we still have to deal with the official announcement of Fitzmas (and BTW, Cheney could become a main target as well), and the continuing dissolution of Iraq, the possibility of nuking Iran, the explosion of "Hookergate", the immigration fiasco, and other factors, we could see Dubya scratching the teens or perhaps even single digits before long.

And how interesting that Bubba Clinton is now kicking Dub's ass in honesty ratings; considering all the "Slick Willie" smack he took during his presidency and the backlash over Monica and his sex issues, that is one major achievment.

Of course, knowing the Democrats as I do, they will find a way to choke it all and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory...but even in spite of themselves, I'm more optimistic than ever that the Right is going to get a nice swift ass whupping come November..and Bushwa and Cheney won't make it past next year. Call it the end of the beginning.


belledame222 said...

oosp. heh. yeah. speaking of which, have you seen that flick? (CSA or however it's called). I hear good things.

belledame222 said..., if we actually nuke Iran, of course, I think we're gonna have an awful lot more to worry about than anyone's poll numbers.

which is a "duh," but, needed to say it. kind of a warding off gesture, like.