Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What part of "It's a cookbook! It's a COOKBOOK!!" did you not understand?

Over the way at Three Bulls!, commenter The Uncanny Canadian brings us this tidbit from some person somewhere or other moniker'd Boudiccia:

Our dear dear Boudiccia has finally explained the rationale for sodomy, thank goodness. I thought when I last engaged in sodomy, it was just for fun, but it turns out that my motives were much much darker:

I am tired of sodomites and their attempts to catch and rape our children. This is the ultimate goal of their agenda and same sex marriage, rights to adopt children, partner insurance benefits, hate crime legislation, and other demands are steps to this goal. They are not gay at all, for gay is a lovely word meaning happy and jovial, but are self-loathing monsterswho hate being the degenerate beings they are and so they take it out on our children, abusing and raping them to make them into the same degenerate creatures as they are. I bet some of them members of the city government in Philedelphia are membersof NAMBLA, or why would they make demands for this Boy Scout Council to admit sodomite leaders?

As I said over there, I consider this a (tacky, polyblend) gauntlet:

I am tired of sodomites and their attempts to catch and rape our children. This is the ultimate goal of their agenda

I resent that vicious slander. What kind of unmotivated, unambitious layabouts would we be if -that- were our “ultimate goal?” Ffs, that’s just warming up. That’s not even getting to the -eating.- Let alone the part where we TAKE OVER THE WORLD, PINKY!!! Not to mention the Sadeian mass orgies in the public square, the public disembowelment of Christians, and of course the really snazzy assless black leather uniforms with built-in electrified metal strapons and little pink triangles over each nipple (all three of ‘em; enforced extreme bodymod is also part of the Agenda, natch).

jeez, lady. What do you take us for, anyway?


Rootietoot said...

*deeeep sigh*
And here I go with my silly thinking that God made everyone, even the icky ones.

Anonymous said...

Wowzers! The jig is up, and the time for senseless buggery is at an end! Unleash the ass hunters!

Seriously, Id never have thought you could ascribe all that child rape and whatnot, to a such a mundane act. Confuses me to say the least.

Takes all sorts I spose.

Anonymous said...

That UC was supposed to be working!

Anonymous said...

Would now be a good time to mention that the typical pedophile is hard-working, religious family man (usually white from my experience)???

"Some characteristics of the typical pedophile or serial child sex abuser:

Usually an adult male.
Often appear to be hard-working, family men.
Tend to be better educated and more religious than the average person.
Find ways to be alone with children; for instance, teachers or coaches who are in a position to give individual attention to students.
Tends to be well liked by parents and children; often one of the most popular teachers in school.
Actively seeks children who are quiet, needy, or have problems at home.
Often photographs the victim.
Often collects child pornography.
Usually accomplishes molestation by gradual seduction, not coercion.
Lavishes attention on children they don't abuse to build a sense of trust by parents and other students."


Howard said...

Well, fuck. I've been going to all the wrong parties. I'm sure I'd know all this if someone would just give me a copy of that gay agenda I keep hearing about -- damit!

And, well, I'm pretty gay most of the time -- smiling, happy and laughing especially those would could use a poke in some ungodly orifice say things like, "...some of them members..."

"Get the truck a-goin', Bubba! We got some of them there sodomites to turn in a pillar a-salt. Get it? A-ssault. Whoo-hoo! I sure am funny, ain't, Bubba. That there's funny!"

I can't wait to tell my boyfriend about this while I'm fucking him in the ass.

My word verification? kyokb / Translation: K-Y is okay, Belle.

Howard said...

P.S. LOVE the Pinky reference.

Anonymous said...

Damn but that just made me taste bile.

Yes, I know these people exist and have seen and heard them. But it still surprises me on a certain level, almost every time anyway because its hard to relate to that level of crazy.

belledame222 said...

hey, don't blame Bubba for some asshole whose typos are the very least of her considerable problems. for all we know Bubba is fond of the sodomy hisself. I'm sure -some- Bubbas are.

belledame222 said...

her handle, btw, is "Boudiccia." between the "sodomy" and the "I Fancy Myself A Woman Warrior Of Old, Much Like Xena But Without The Lesbian Overtones," i am thinking: not so much with the CB radio. more SCA with a heavy dollop of Prussian Blue.

belledame222 said...

Faith: cannibalism, otoh, is TOTALLY GAY.

Landlady of Fat said...

This "Earth" place scares me.

J. Goff said...

What, no mention of the diabolical soy recruitment strategy? What of the Saturday Morning Cartoon infiltration? The true victory will come not when we feast on the blood of the non-Sodomites, but when the children of all the crusaders trying to foil our schemes turn on them in a soy-induced feeding/fucking frenzy. Almost brings a tear to my eye how complacent these people are to our sinister plans. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

belledame222 said...


Blackamazon said...

Wait a minute so teh goal of having really good intense orgasms isnt it


DO I have to turn in my sodomite card?

Plain(s)feminist said...

her handle, btw, is "Boudiccia." between the "sodomy" and the "I Fancy Myself A Woman Warrior Of Old, Much Like Xena But Without The Lesbian Overtones," i am thinking: not so much with the CB radio. more SCA with a heavy dollop of Prussian Blue.

Seriously, you can't get much more lesbian than "Boudiccia." I mean, really.

Renegade Evolution said...

haha! I see we straight degenerates are still flying beneith the radar! Excellent work, shocktroops!

J. Goff said...



Cassandra Says said...

Faith - bingo.
Once again I find myself wondering exactly what kind of drugs these people are taking and why, selfish beasts that they are, they haven't offered to share them with the rest of us.
Seriously, I've yet to find anything that gives me trips that vivid and, um, extreme.

queen emily said...

Ah the sodomite agenda. Oh please, who has time to take over the world when you could be at the baths getting some (readily available, legal) ass?

ben said...

somebody's an *angry* bottom.

belledame222 said...

Jack: omg, how'd i miss that one?

so, it IS a cookbook!

Tofu Sodomy Surprise, comin' uuuup!

...such genius, i'm blinded, really.

i particularly love how he needed to do that expose in a FIVE part article.

soy=fluoride for the noughties, i guess...

Deoridhe said...


She kicked ASS, if I'm recalling my history right. Breton Queen who attempted to make treaties with Rome only to have her daughters raped. She retaliated by marching an army all but into Rome itself.

Shame people using her name aren't as cool.

I, for one, welcome our Homosexual Overlords.

Sage said...

I'm not a sodomite, but the comment makes me wish I were just to be on the other side of Boudiccia's fence with the degenerates, but just the cool degenerates. Unfortunately, my pooper's a one-way street.

On the other hand, according to Faith's list, I have four of the necessary traits to become an avid pedophile!

"I am tired of sodomites and their attempts to catch and rape our children."

Seems to me it's the sodomites who should be tired, all that racing around after the little scamps. Pull up a chair and rest a while already.

belledame222 said...


I know! It's just like chasing pigeons when -I- was a wee scamp: could never catch the damn things!

And now, running around after tots who in turn are running after pigeons...o it's all just too farcical and exhausting, really.

maybe i'll just build a nice gingerbread house, and wait for -them- to come to -me-. Yessssss. Muhahahahaha!

Rosie said...

She so totally needs a spanking, doesn't she? I have some assless chaps of the blacksmith variety, but she doesn't sound like she would mind a bit of "rough". Not sure if having a goat watch would float her boat, but it could be arranged.

She seems to have given this way too much thought and come up with something way more perverted than most of us Sodomites would think of.

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