Saturday, February 09, 2008

my theory, by me, brackets [Miz] brackets

(ahem! ahem hem!)

It’s just a small one.

90% of everything that’s wrong with the world is the fault of the assholes. There are many flavors of and justifications for assholery, sometimes quite elaborate ones. Institutionalized assholery can take on a life of its own, yes, and has many dimensions. But ultimately? It all boils down to bein’ an asshole (singularly and collectively).

Therefore, such frames for analysis as feminism and so forth help? but you still also need a basic “no, actually, -this- is just assholery” to ground you. otherwise, there’s absolutely no guarantee you’ll be any better than those other assholes even if you do manage to overthrow ‘em.


Outis said...


"Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong" For the life of me I can't remember the rest of the song or the group... comes with age I guess.

I loved the video. Thanks for sharing.


ballgame said...

FWIW, Outis, this is for you.

(I think it was off the same album as their other singles, "Laugh Out Loud," "As Far As I Can Tell" and "Be Right Back," but those weren't nearly as popular.)

belledame: I'm not sure if I'm agreeing or disagreeing, but after years of post-doctorate research and numerous double-blind randomized studies using the very latest in linear regression and CHAID analysis techniques, I've come to the conclusion that 75.3% of everything that's currently wrong with the world is due to assholery being institutionally rewarded.

I think I'm disagreeing. But I'd have to run a double-blind study to be sure.

fastlad said...

I could watch this on a loop for like ever. The program title, the wig, his glasses and distracted manner, the theme music, it all. My theory, by me.

belledame222 said...


DBB said...

I'd say that's a pretty damn good theory.