Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Teeth: the movie.

This? Looks fucking brilliant. It probably isn't, due to the Law Of Whatever It Is, but...frankly, I'm surprised it took people this long...

from the youtube description:

Dawn is her chastity group's most active participant. But she discovers she has a toothed vagina when she becomes the object of violence and experiences both the pitfalls and power of living the vagina dentata myth., maybe not. From a review:

Though reminiscent of the bonsai charms of Larry Cohen's '80s output (and the 2003 direct-to-DVDer Angst), Teeth has a severe lack of concentration, due in no small part to a scattershot editing job: Random shots and scenes abruptly come in to reiterate motives or allow for another redundant sight gag. For a film that is basically humping one note, Lichtenstein sure does know how to wear out a welcome, and by the fourth victim, even seeing a bitten-off penis getting gobbled up by a mutt comes off as repetitive. Call me old-fashioned, but three is enough to get your point across.

The hints and intimations towards feminist theory, the male gaze, and fear of women are all well and good, but it's the B-movie spunk that makes Teeth entertaining. It owes a special ode to Cohen's It's Alive, the schlockmeister's homage to abortion and fear of parenthood. The looming cooling towers insinuate that Dawn's problem stems from pollution, but Lichtenstein's script, often overwrought, is very careful to never explain Dawn's mutation. Though never egregious, the faults in Lichtenstein's filmmaking render Teeth a passable entertainment and nothing more. You'll have to forgive the pun, but it simply lacks bite.

Like everyone and their auntie isn't going to be using that particular pun, but o well.

("bonsai charms?")

fun little idea, anyway, although personally i don't really need to see the leftovers when she's finished dining. never been a big gore fan though.


queen emily said...

That review they quote - "the most alarming cautionary tale for men since Fatal Attraction"

What. The. Fuck.

Daisy said...

Larry Cohen! OMG!

I once served as a labor coach for a wayward runaway yippie drug-abuser whose boyfriend was in jail for the birth of their child. She'd taken so many drugs, there had been a lot of (cruel, mean) speculation over the future-baby's health. So, there I was, on my way to the blessed event, when my then-husband started making "It's Alive!" jokes. (The baby-monster kills everyone in the delivery room) NOT FUCKING FUNNY, MAN! Still, I realized it meant the movie really touched a nerve, because his jokes unnerved me and almost made me turn the car around...

PS: Of course, her baby was fine.

Anonymous said...

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