Monday, February 23, 2009

Note to self: do not ever hire Choe, Jackson and Weitz.

should I ever happen to be in L.A. and in need of anti-sexual harassment/workplace discrimination legal representation.
See here for why. And then here, here, and especially here.


ETA: more details, and a guide to reporting to the California Bar Assoc. if you feel so inclined.

ETA again: okay, the skinny if you haven't clicked the links.

Basically, there's this guy called Luke Jackson. See links above. Creepy-as-fuck douche who works as an anti-sexual harassment/work discrimination lawyer by day, appallingly racist/misogynistic/hateful troll calling himself "Igor Sanchez" by...well, day, too, now apparently, as Kynn called him out and he's now posted K's ex-wife's personal information on his blog and engaged in gross transphobia under his own name in retaliation. and posted the contact info of people who wrote letters to his law firm as well. Which, thus far, I was just noting the general WTF?

Looking back now, though, there's increasing layers of creepy, and this was the bit I wanted to note here:

(via Kynn)

At one point, he posted as Luke on the MySpace of Sunny Leone, a desi- Canadian porn star living in Los Angeles, to dedicate one of “Igor’s” racist graphical rape/murder fantasies to her:

This was inspired by YOU:

http://igorsanchezDOTlivejournalDOTcom/552.html [NSFW, possibly triggering]


Besides the kind of shit he writes being fucking hateful as hell, if he's writing that kind of mash note to actual porn stars + he's shown himself willing to cross the line wrt peoples' personal info AND he (for FUCK'S SAKE) works as an -anti-discrimination lawyer-, I am thinking: seriously, this guy reads like Kyle Payne on steroids (now with more racism!!) except that he hasn't actually gotten caught committing sexual abuse. "Just" incitement to harassment/outing of personal information. So far.


Anthony Kennerson said...

Somebody needs seriously needs to get Gloria Allred to kick his sorry Klan-eating yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Next step, bar association complaint, perhaps?

Miss Robyn said...

Oh good god- what an asshat. Shouldn't this be some kind of major scandal considering his field?

But really- did you read his "erotica" or whatever? I wish I didn't- it involved the word "sweatpants." A lot. In the first paragraph at least, which was all I was able to make it through.

Comrade Physioprof said...

Fuckin' A! What a fucking wackaloon asshole.

belledame222 said...

Christine: yeah, I was wondering how the hell this guy hasn't been disbarred yet, or no one's made a move...this surely can't be the first time someone's noticed what a giant ethics-free hypocrite he is...?

belledame222 said...
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belledame222 said...

Miss Robyn, yeah, I did, and several sets of salvagable eyeballs are accordingly sitting in the bleach jar.

I mean, yes, as we know, one's fantasies don't mean that one is literally going to/has enacted them irl. However, they're also not totally devoid of meaning, particularly with someone this unconscious. makes me think of Kyle Payne on aggro steroids (now with more racism!!), actually.

Anonymous said...

Eee, yeah, I came across some of his comments while reading through the Cultural Appropriation Debate of Doom (2009 edition). Such a loser.

Kristin said...

Yuck yuck yuck... Yeah, my biggest concern here is that he's been harassing people and posting very threatening fantasies *about* them. It does sound very Kyle Payne, except... One doesn't make a lot of money as a civil rights lawyer as I understand it (not a lawyer), but... Eh... Yeah, it would take some very twisted motivations to inspire a predator like this to become a civil rights lawyer. I can't understand why nothing is happening over this... One would think the firm wouldn't want to associate with him anymore.

belledame222 said...

someone's comment elsewhere noted that his own specialties weren't civil rights per se, that was one of the other partners. even so.