Thursday, August 06, 2009

William F. Buckley must be so proud

Positively stationary in his grave, I'll bet. Smiling down with austere benevolence from the Great Country Club In The Sky, safe in the assurance that young conservatives are carrying his torch of intellect and high standards.

Oh, you remember the Young Cons, don't you?

So, Mike Stark of firedoglake got a chance to chat with them a bit:

Scintillating, I think you'll agree.

And thank the Lord that these fine young men, our nation's best and brightest, were not forced to give up their spaces at Dartmouth to some undeserving "affirmative action baby" minority person. Thank the Lord for -standards.-

I particularly enjoy "Stiltz;" he exhibits an almost Proustian display of existentialist conservative rap. And has not fallen off his chair once.


Nick said...

I sent that video to a bunch of people I knew ( : ( :

If George Bush could get into Yale...

On a tangential impersonal note of
import to the post:

Re affirmative action: I don't think the correction of social injustice should involve the self-sacrifice of people who happened to be born white or upper middle class family or whatever. I'd feel sad for not getting into the college of my dreams due to having been born white/male/with a father who saved up a college fund. Of course, a college with reliance on/actually neutral academic standards wouldn't care about any of that ~ not sure how many Ivy League schools or schools in general have those.

I am not sure how these policies precisely work out at the university level ~ whether or not they simply expand the total student population possible. I guess I wouldn't care if it didn't deprive others of the fruits of their labor. I've probably made it clear enough that I am more of a Libertarian/Rand type than what most people identify with liberal or Progressive ~ that's never won me any points on the conventional or governmentalist/institutionalized left lol. My reservations about anti-affirmative action arguments would probably be that the people who espouse them the loudest deny racism/sexism/whateverism exists or was really that bad. Buckley was nothing more than a creature of inherited wealth and conservative Catholicism. The modern day National Review had an article about how gay marriage legalization would lead to incest, child molestation, and so on. It was actually written with an intellectual veneer to it too...

This is a book I am really interested in reading to explore these issues!

Kristin said...

"If George Bush could get into Yale..."

I personally love the fact that the same people whinging about "affirmative action admissions!" are often those very same people who are themselves recipients of Affirmative Action for the Rich--that is, legacy admissions. W., for instance, and, well, hopefully, these Dartmouth boys too. You know, the dumbasses who got in because their (usually) fathers did. If they got in on "merit," that scares me.

CrackerLilo said...

These people make it really hard to remember that there used to be such a thing as bright, well-meaning conservatives.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Watching the video, I actually felt a little sorry for those delusional vapid fuckwads.

Alon Levy said...

not sure how many Ivy League schools or schools in general have those.

In principle, the Ivy League does affirmative action. In practice, that means "We'll admit a couple more black people from PG County and Jamaica, Queens to make everyone happy." The total black + Hispanic percentage at pro-AA schools like Columbia is the same as at public universities that use merit admissions, like Berkeley.

The real affirmative action is for legacies, athletes, run of the mill frat boys from exclusive suburbs, and people who know how to game the system. If these weren't in place, then universities would be filled with Asians. Berkeley is 50% Asian, and Harvard and Columbia don't want to look like that. It's far better to have an opaque process that also admits a couple of blacks and Hispanics, but not in large enough percentages to upset the system.