Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fascinating, really.

So, some while ago i got this longass rant from some tinfoil-wearer in the comments of some post. as is my wont, i deleted it without giving it much thought. i did glace at some of it briefly and thought, "okay, um, wow," in passing. i also thought it was probably a spambot.

so now i see it pop up again at Winter's, though, which, one, yep, spam; but, two, okay, now that i have a second: hot damn, but this is kind of, well, rich material, here.

I won't repost the whole bloody thing--seriously, it's sort of like "Wear Sunscreen" as translated from the BizarroWorld via BabelFish, remixed with "Malleus Maleficarum," "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," some MRA writings, some white supremacist tracts, Dr. Strangelove, and the collected works of Lovecraft and/or David Icke, and dub-infinity-looped. but, here, for your edification and amusement, some highlights: (no, really, this is the HIGHLY EDITED version):

The first steps towards repairing your relationship with the gods is to:::::::::
1. Understand they instruct the computer to "role play" in an attempt to confuse you:::it's ALWAYS the computer addressing you. Their goal is to cost you additional YEARS of your life by using this tactic to confuse you. Always be aware of this tactic and eventually they will give up and allow this step to be taken.
2. Differentiate between your thoughts and when they are thinking through you.
3. Be resigned to be a good person who will never engage in evil again even if ordered and they will stop trying to corrupt you, allowing this very big step to be taken.

Men are the disfavored gender (see below), yet centuries ago used to die first, die young, by age 30. Why didn't the women go first?
THEY DID!!! They say well over 50% were taken when very young, before puberty and replaced with clones (likely only a fraction of that "over 50%" were the disfavored). The men that were left went on to mate with clones, clones who went on to achieve great status in society, some becoming matchmakers and elders within the village, the others being good mothers and peaceful residents, proving the clone's role isn't to be evil.

The Old Testiment is a tool they used to impart wisdom to the people (except people have no freewill). For example, the gods warned us temptation would be used to test people. Also they must be some hominid species because they claim they made our bodies in their image. Anyhow we defile or deform the body will hurt our chance of going.
They say circumcision costs people anywhere from 12%-15%, perhaps out of the parent's time as well. There is a stigma associated with circumcision::We are 2nd class citizens because of it.

Another way people foul the body today is with tattoes and piercing. I suspect both are about the same percentage as circumcision. They suggest abortion is fatal. Those women who have obtained an abortion must beg the gods to forgive them for their evil.

There are female equivilents to circumcision::::pierced ears, plastic surgury and since at least the 60s young women en masse give their precious virginity away. For thousands of years young people were matched at age 14 because they were ready for sexual relations. They were matched by elders or matchmakers (all of whom were clones!!) who were granted priveledge with Artificial Intelligence and matched couples based on favor.

CASUAL SEX WILL CLAIM YOU OUT!!! It opens the door and allows the gods the freedom to justify creating disfunctions with Artificial Intelligence :::they masculinize women (as does the hip hop subculture), makes them cold and deadens them, and they instruct AI to prevent them from achieving a depth of love necessary for many women to ascend.

If the gods permit the use of their power (ie miracles) it is a red flag. But timing is suspect if the New Testiment was written by clones.
Is Jesus evil? His elementary message may have been applicable to many. Perhaps a majority. There are meatheads throughout this country today who need to listen to Jesus's teachings!!!
If Jesus is evil then the Anti-Christ is good, and what frightens me is this is the type of irony the gods live for.
Is Jesus evil? You can't trust a clone, and I suspect the New Testiment was written by clones.
You be the judge.)

The United States of America is red white and blue, a theme and a clue:::.
The monarchical system of the Old World closley replicates the heirarchical system of the god's, Cousel/Management Team/ruling species, which is why most of the purebloods around the world were blessed with it. The USA's democratic system deceives people into thinking they have control, and the perception of "freedom" gives the Counsel/Management Team the freedom to position, justifying instructing Artificial Intelligence to create disfunctions:::

This whole system is about us, the little people, the peasants, the disfavored left behind. The wealthy, the upper management of corporations, all those people are clones and are here to disceive us and mislead us. They are merely putting in their time, and after a coupe of years they will put a new clone in, ensuring none will receive much time.

If you are a recent immigrant I recommend you return. If that's not possible you need to retain your culture and insulate your children and community from this cancerous environment. They send this clue with Chinatowns across the country, how many Chinese have been here for a century or more yet still retain the old ways, a sign of favor.

Opera's sick themes were designed to corrupt the minds of the disfavored Italians. Once you recognize this I want to share that the Japanese also are grossly disfavored::they nearly produce distractions exclusively, their people are consumed by them, they have replaced their culture. Wealth is a corruptor and a sign a society is disfavored::::Eastern Europe (socialism/communism) has favor while their western counterparts struggle in their relationship with the gods. Also baseball is a clue a society is grossly disfavored.

The gods originally used jazz to create a self-perception of "cool" and "hip" in the black community and have instructed Artificial Intelligence to grow this pathology from there.

Hip hop is a cancer on the people.
I understand people point to decades past and claim "music of the youth" but the truth is the gods used music from those eras to hurt the youth as well:::::classic rock was DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO HURT WHITE PEOPLE!!!! And it did hurt many many disfavored. Just as hip hop is doing.The gods punish you with abject materialism:::::they created a perceived value in replacing items of clothing as soon as they get even a smudge of dirt on them.
-You display pride in your materialism by leaving the price tags on your hats. You are the butt of jokes - you look like Minnie Pearl from Hee-Haw!!!! She may be their source for this idea.
-You surround yourselves with products from professional sports teams, a male-dominated activity, and consider gawdy jewelry stylish because the gods use their media to sell it. Much like hockey I doubt there are many black people behind the scenes throughout the media.

Cultures who embrace hard liquor as their drink of choice are grossly disfavored, tequilla being uniquely Mexican (Anything "hard" is wicked:::Hard alcohol, hard drugs, all porn.) or those who have a passion for drinking (Irish). Incidentally, another sign of gross disfavor are societies that consume spicy foods (Latin America, Thai, etc.), those who eat too much meat, engage in human sacrifice, ones who tattoo or pierce their bodies, those who celebrate evil (Celtic) or are inflicted with the Catholic Church.

You are not cool. Too many young men strive for cool and it hurts them. as does all things targetted to males (professional sports, video games, beer, pornography, vehicle racing, heavy metal rock, cursing, competitive or dangerous/risky career, etc. The women who enjoy any of these activities are ALL disfavored.). Be afraid and make sure you think the right way when you address them daily. Too many people are deceived by this casual enviornment they create in people's minds today. This does people a great disservice and it hurts them in the eyes of the gods.

The gods used "The Boot" twice, suggesting they are open to the idea of recycling:::Beem the structures and people off earth (into a star), beem out toxic waste and re-colonize the planet??? "Source planets" require a investment and they may prefer to maximize its return

If you ever have doubt I would refer you to the Old World way of life:::the elders used to sit and impart wisdom to the young. Now we watch DVDs and use the internet. People would be matched and married by age 14. They village would use a matchmaker or elders (all clones!!) to pair young people. Now girls give their precious virginity away to some person in school and parents divorce while their children grow up without an important role model. The people used to honor the gods and were rewarded with a high-quality of life for them, their children and their society. Now we have a deteriorating society on a collision course with the Apocalypse.

Understand your insignificance and make sure it is reflected in the way you think when addressing the gods. You are but a grain of sand on a vast beach, a drop in the ocean that is the universe. They are great and powerful and angry. Know your place, understand your inferiority and be afraid. They allowed (granted) you life and they can take it just as easily. (Immaculte conception IS true AND COMMON. Many people have children they don't know of:::gays, childless adults, etc. They can beem it right out of your body and use a host.)

Tabloids offer details on celebrities lives. They are ALL clones. Every one of them, and all these incidents are staged

The gods drew the disfavored out to California with the gold rush, peaking them euphorically to achieve it:::Gold fever. This is the same tactic they use to create addiction or make people gay.

California led the social deterioration of the last 40 years as the gods escallated towards The End:::
-Free sex, Summer of Love
-Drug use
-Music scene
-Black Panthers
-Hollywood. Movies were terrible until they mysteriously changed in 196x sometime.

The gods are not forgiving or begnign. They are vindictive and will punish you if you do something wrong.

The clues all suggest a very telling conclusion::this is Earth's end stage, and there are signs tectonic plate subduction would be the method of disposal:::Earth’s axis will shift breaking continental plates free and initiating mass subduction. Much as Italy's boot and the United States shaped like a workhorse (with a fat ass) are clues, so is the planet Uranus a clue, its axis rotated on its side. Edgar Cayce was a tool of the gods in the 20th century, picking winners for and costing the disfavored Italian gangsters priveledge in heaven when he prophecized subduction being the method of disposal.

How long after our emergency call in 2001 will the gods allow us???
The gods wrote prophecy in Revelation, had subsequent prophets foresee Earth's demise for good reason:::they are going to end on Planet Earth.
What else are they lying to you about? What else are they lying to you about?
What else are they lying to you about? What else are they lying to you about?...

I understand they are updating people on my situation and I thought it best to clarify:::
I have NOTHING to be thankful for. Perhaps that is why they created my situation the way it is, CHEATED me out of my life, left me with an abjectly devoid existance:::so I am willing to fuck god. This makes me a very unique individual, for people would NEVER dare do what I am; most wish to belong, which is a desire the gods use against the disfavored, compelling them to incurr evil, limiting the time they get if they go. Another benefit is ocurrs when people realize they have much to be thankful for when they compare their lives to mine.

They CHEATED me out of my youth to achieve this distraction on the scale of England's during the 80s and 90s. Unlike theirs mine may have been primarily telepathic.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it reminds me of a parody Chick Tract, where instead of Jesus, they told people about the ministry of Cthulu, and how much better it would be to be eaten FIRST, except with a ton more wacky. I could buy that the Old Ones inflicted the Catholic Church on people, though. They do seem to be fond of insanity as a weapon.

little light said...

This one showed up on Feministe a while back, I think.
I remember the CLAIM YOU OUT!!! part especially...

Anonymous said...

It be an epidemic; I received this self-same comment on me ship just th'other day. Curiouser an' curiouser...

Anonymous said...


You should introduce that guy to ByrdEye.

Anonymous said...

Spam, or paranoid schizophrenia?


(Actually, I'm serious. It might well be either.)

belledame222 said...

can't it be both?

anyway, if it is pure performance art, my hat off: it's a damn good imitation of, well, yeah, paranoid schizophrenia, among other things. i suspect it's the real deal. sad, really.

i did laugh out loud at the whole, "movies were terrible until the 1960's!" and suchlike. such tsuris...

super des said...

wow, that's really long. I would have deleted it without reading it too, only to reealize later that it was hilarious. I'm totally gonna start leaving comments like that on other people's blogs...

Anonymous said...

No mention of chocolate?

J. Goff said...


AWESOME! Will it buy my condoms for me too?

belledame222 said...

Des: seriously, this is like a third of the original length.

Renegade Evolution said...

hehehhe, too rich.

Rootietoot said...

he had me at Minnie Pearl.

Amber Rhea said...

I got that one too!! I deleted it though.

jack (aka angrybrownbutch) said...

I've gotten a bunch of those myself. Ever time I get them, I read little snippets for amusement and entertainment.

R. Mildred said...

Oh of course! The Falklands conflict!

Dw3t-Hthr said...

Well, I'm sure convinced! Clearly it's critical that I, uh ...

... well, so much for that, then.

antiprincess said...

is it plain old heebie jeebies or just existential blues?

Eli said...

The men that were left went on to mate with clones, clones who went on to achieve great status in society, some becoming matchmakers and elders within the village, the others being good mothers and peaceful residents, proving the clone's role isn't to be evil.

Umm... Clone is where the heart is?

Also - are y'all familiar with Timecube?

Anonymous said...

Poor fellow.
Ok, now that's true.
Except that it's intolerant and scary, this reads a bit like the Dr. Bronner's Soap bottle.

belledame222 said...

anon: I had exactly the same thought, both of those thoughts, actually.

J. Goff said...


Anonymous said...


I need to send that over to my shitty local classic rock station. They need some kind of hint, no matter what kind.

And it does seem like somebody, not a spambot, actually wrote this. The tone is just way too consistent throughout to be anything else.

Jennifer said...

Reminds me of some dating advice I regularly get in my email. I think I must have signed up for this to find out how conventional minds think, but I'm not sure the male prophet type who writes the advice column really has a grasp on all that much. Gender stereotypes may have meaning for some people, though. I like to guffaw when the writer assures his female audience that "tons" of women have the problems he's describing. I think I could write a similar advice column for men: "Thousands of cubic metres of men have so far benefitted from my advice!"

nexy said...

i couldn't get past the first few blocks of text. i'd call them "sentences", but that would be way too generous...

Anonymous said...

Say what? Anyone got the Cliffsnotes version?

belledame222 said...

that IS the CliffNotes.

o all right, capsule sum:

"Them! everyone, look out for THEM!! IT'S A COOKBOOOOOK"

...pretty much.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...