Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Right on,


Thirdly, am I a "feminist?"
If, by feminist, you mean I believe women should have social, political, economic and all other rights equal to those of men, I am a feminist.
If, by feminist, you also mean I am passionate about "women's issues," such as rape, domestic violence, eating disorders, breast cancer, HPV awareness, women's plight during wartime, and such, than you bet my big dykey boots I'm a feminist.

If, however, by feminist, you mean I have a duty to "educate," judge and possibly reject women based on their choices in areas of makeup/"femininity," porn, plastic surgery, sexual preference and/or identity; and that I should also reject transgendered folks and make general blanket statements about complex gray areas, then no, I am not a feminist.

Hold on.
I ain't likin' that.
I am a feminist.
I'll think I'll not allow that to be taken from me any longer.
Because you know what?
Sister, if you walk around preachin' and judgin' and rejectin' and giggling' and "sexbottin'" and "Don't worry, no one is going to take your precious mascara away from you, Sweetie," than guess what?
Methinks you are the Faux Feminist around these parts and frankly a six-year old could deduce the reason why.

and Ren:

...And arguing with other feminists about this shit is not fun. Having different opinions on what to wear, to paint the face or not, on what consenting people can do in the name of sexual pleasure, or even if a person who was born in the wrong body should get to correct that? Not fun. Interesting, but inevitably collapses into insults and mob tactics. Disagreeing with you does not make us ‘fun feminists’. It makes us feminists with a different fucking opinion. We’re not sucking up to the boyz, ladies, we are…oh…standing up for own opinions.

And at the end of the day, well, I think if maybe one of us “fun feminists” can make sure a woman who is getting beaten by her partner can get the help that she needs or some child does not have to worry about having her clitoris cut out or some woman, mother, does not get her breasts cut off in an ‘act of war’ or some child gets the opportunity to not only learn to read but see a real doctor…well, sorry if that ranks a little higher on my list than if a consenting woman decides to pose in Playboy or take a pole-dancing class.

So yeah, I am sex-positive and like me some porn. But I also know all about how young girls, babies, are getting raped in South Africa because some men are told that sex with a young, pure, virgin girl will rid them of HIV. I know more than I want to about what goes on in the mining of conflict diamonds. I know about the abuses, sexual and otherwise, that face women, children and men in the garment industry, migrant farm labor, and tech based sweatshops. I know about women who get beat to a near bloody pulp by abusive partners. I know about women who get stoned, set on fire, and murdered for the mere accusation of impurity. Shoot, I know what it is like to get beaten myself. Fun fun, isn’t it? Just a barrel of fucking laughs…

If you don’t start crying or screaming first.

So, do us all a favor, take the ‘fun feminist’ label and shove it up your ass, okay? That’s exactly where it belongs, because it is shit.

Feminism is not fun, not even the lipstick wearing sex-positive kind.


Bimbo said...

I've gotta disagree with Ren on her last statement. Feminism is fun when you get to read posts like these. It's exactly this sort of thinking that defined feminism to start with. Without it: capitulation, oppression, subjugation. Ok, so maybe it's me, but I just love giving the finger. To me "oh, hell, no!" can be a whole lotta fun.

belledame222 said...

well, this is what happens when "fun" gets defined as "gratuitous" and "shallow" and "the antonym of 'work'" by all the neo-Calvinists disguised as progressives and radicals.

someone needs to remind some of these assclowns that besides everything else, also? just because you're -not- fun? doesn't automatically mean you get to be taken more seriously. that you aren't a lightweight. it may just mean you're really unpleasant.

super des said...

If there were none of these issues in the world (rape, violence, equal rights, freedom of choice, etc.) then there would be no need for femininsm. Therefore, it is work. However, you can enjoy your work, and make other people enjoy it too, thus rallying them for the cause. But, I don't like the term "fun feminist." It does connotate a tone of less seriousness.

little light said...

God, it's like we all got fed up at the same time.
Who can we devour while we're on a roll?

(Right on, that is.)

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't mind the term "fun feminist." Fighting for oneself can be fun. Feeling empowered is fun. Knowing that you can make something of that feeling is fun.

I'm fine with people not liking the term because it connotes lack of seriousness, but if you call me fun as an insult I'll just laugh at you. :)

Renegade Evolution said...


Why thank you.

Kim said...

Face it, gals: WE all fucking rock!

Cassandra Says said...

I'm about ready to smack the next person who uses the "I'm a real feminist, not the fun kind" cliche (as did a particularly obnoxious transphobe over at Alas recently). It's a put-down that wouldn't have felt out of place in junior high. In fact if you look at the implications behind it the statement itself is pretty f$%#ing shallow, not to mention not very feminist. You really think that being a feminist means that you get to dismiss the opinions of other women because you don't like what they're wearing? Seriously? I'm surprised the cognitive dissonance doesn't make their heads explode.

belledame222 said...

Dan had a rejoinder which i did enjoy, just on account of I am ev0l:

"I'm a feminist. Not the nuts kind."

word verification: khholh

exactly what those discussions are often like: a khholh.

ah so i'm told.

Cassandra Says said...

I might have to use that one on a few people.