Friday, August 15, 2008

The Meanie Meanerton Post.

Just, first of all, read this, okay.

A teenager has been cleared of killing a transsexual woman found strangled in her south London home.

Shanniel Hyatt, 18, denied that he killed Kellie Telesford in a rage after discovering she was a pre-operative transgender female who was born a man.

Earlier in the trial, the defence barrister wanted us to believe that Kellie died while playing “kinky sex games” - so, what now? - on her own, after Hyatt had left, taking with him her cellphone and travelcard?

And did she strangle herself before or after she covered her body in the white blanket?...

Then read this, on how certain..."feminists"...are still adamant about keeping teh ev0l tranz out of their "safe spaces," in this instance, actual shelters, and the reality versus the myth:

One of the big problems that I’ve got with trans exclusion is that the kinds of things that you need in order to keep a shelter safe when you let trans people in and the implications that has for the so-called problem of “men masquerading as trans people in order to gain access to shelters and whatever” - not that that has ever happened once and people raise that anyway - that…should be no less terrifying than the idea of a lesbian batterer gaining access to a shelter by masquerading as a survivor, it should be. And, in fact, what it tells us is that we still don’t take seriously the idea that women are powerful! No one has …as a movement, we’ve not internalized that we are powerful; if we believed that we were powerful andthat we learned the lessons that lesbians can batter each other, we would be afraid of the power of a lesbian batterer gaining access to our shelter or our other programs, and we would take serious steps…

Both quotes are taken from interviews with women who worked in shelters at the time...

and Lisa's note here in the comments, particularly:

Tera, to many radical feminists, “woman” is defined as strictly oppression, and I think it’s threatening to find women who not only disagree (as many cis women do while still acknowledging the realities of the violence, sexism, and oppression that women face) but to find women who (to their eyes) chose to be women. Many have said this to me directly, one saying that the very idea that transsexualism could be real might be so triggering as to drive some cis women to suicide.

While I think she was exaggerating greatly, I also found this positioning of trans women as being so triggering just because we don’t find being female inherently oppressive as simply being another way to center trans concerns onto cis people (who we are and the bodies we have to live in are unimportant - all that matters is how we’re perceived by cis women).

And I believe that this positioning females as the most oppressed, as femininity as being nothing but oppression (as gender being oppression) is a simplistic view that not only ignores a large number of people and their relationships to gender and their own bodies (and I am not speaking strictly of trans women here), but also robs cis women of power and agency by positioning them as perpetual victims of the patriarchy.

And that, of course, absolves women of any responsibility for racism, classism, ableism, heterosexism, cissexism that they perpetuate, because they don’t really have the power to perpetuate those -isms. They just ignore intersections.

Then take a gander at all this, wherein, among other things, we learn in the comments that real lesbians worry excessively about being spied on in the shower by "male-born" people, and there are links to a number of ever so clever gambits like I'm eating blueberries, therefore I'm transphobic.

...oh, and lookie there, just noticed, a comment by "me," aren't you precious, Polly Styrene.

Then learn why a cisgendered sex worker finds more in common with said trans women than the "real" women like yourself, and has, once again, had enough of the bullshit from her own end.

So you go right on and demonize and whine and talk about how horrible "sex workers rights advocates" (teehee!) are. You go ahead and worship Saint Farley and call us the pro-pimp lobby or what the fuck else ever. You go ahead and chill in that fucking tower while the rest of us are actually working down here on the ground. You buy her books, write your own, whatever, you go ahead. How many of the whores that Farley interviewed did she actually help? What cut of the profits from her writings is she using to set up working programs to get them out? Answer? None. She's just profiting from it all and, woo, doing more research. So yeah, you are just as useful as she is, kid. I may masturbate to porn, but at least I then go out and actually do something. You wank your brain and pat yourself on the back and waggle those typing fingers…then do what? Nothing but fucking demonize the people doing the goddamn dirty work.

...Or does it work like this, Maggie? Are their good whores and bad whores? Good ones being those whose lives have been trashed and are barely making it but, gee, they have such great, touching, agenda feeding stories! And then those bad ones…well, they might as well be men! Those who do well and profit and don’t hate it…and those other women, what with their BDSM and watching porn and stuff…they aren’t women, right? They’re men with tits and cunts. They are out of the tribe that bleeds and part of the problem, right?

"Might as well be men"--yes, indeedy.

It's not like you can see that there's any connection between transphobia (oo, she said it again!) and sex worker bashing here, either,

Kudos are going to the organizers of this protest against transphobia and sex worker oppression.

Residents of a downtown Toronto neighbourhood have apparently bestowed themselves with the moral duty of “kicking out prostitutes” who they say have “disturbed the peace” in their otherwise magically perfect neighbourhood.

Instead of lobbying for anti-prostitution laws, worker safety, or advocating for the rights of sex trade workers so that we can all live more peacefully together, for the last three months these residents have been harassing sex workers, specifically transwomen, to the point of assault.

This Friday August 15th, supporters of human rights and dignity FOR ALL will be gathering at the corner of Homewood and Maitland at 11pm to demand an end to this injustice.

Check out the Facebook event and hopefully we’ll see you there!

...where you can also read charming comments like this:

Michael Says:

August 15, 2008 at 8:27 am
Shoving a person is assault.
Yelling at people is disturbing the peace.
Threats and stalking are criminal harassment

When I stand several feet away from a sex-worker with a sign that says “No Sex work on our street.” my actions are intended to discourage the John from stopping and to make her uncomfortable enough that she will take her business elsewhere. i’m sure it annoys her but no-one is harmed and no one’s rights have been violated.

If other street vendors are not allowed on Homewood why are prostitutes permitted to advertize and sell their wares? I’d rather buy a hot-dog than a BJ at 3:00AM.

And finally… I fail to believe that Trans-women can’t get jobs. MAC Cosmetics, to cite one example has LOTS of trans-women working their counters.

No, he's not a "radfem," that's right. I don't know where this one's "morality" comes from and don't much care. Sure is an asshole though, and... he's not the only one who sounds like that, see. Or is whining about "mob mentality;" poor little put-upon flower, HE'S not actually HURTING anyone, he refuses to believe it, see.


Oh, and will all those trans people and sex workers and y'know other women stop being so meeeeeeeeeeeeeen, I mean, be fair! Hey, he's just being reasonable and expressing his opinion, amirite? Free speech! Help, help, he's being oppressed...!

So, yes, you know, I've got a cold and I've just moved and I barely have the energy to get into all the -multiple- fucked uppednessnesses here, and frankly I think others have the right idea in just writing about the actual issues and trying to ignore your irrelevant asses, by and large. Or at least keep from centering you, -again,-

But meanwhile, you've been epic fuckwits again, and I'm in a Mood and so Attention Must Be Paid, so let's just cut it short, don't tell me: -you- did not murder Kellie Telesford or Angie Zapata, with your own dear little hands, therefore, you are not in any way, shape or form "transphobic." O.K.

But you, you still just can't understand why all these meanie meanertons who aren't among the Elect (anymore, anyway) keep picking on you, right? I mean, your "theories" are at least as important as the actual people you keep insisting on "deconstructing," "questioning," and generally ignoring anything they actually have to say for themselves if it makes you uncomfortable.

We’re the least liked of any subset of women. We already get shit from the entire world. I don’t know why other feminists won’t leave us the fuck alone.

Well, damn, I'm awfully sorry. Allow me to present you with a fucking cookie, then, even though it's against my principles o NOT AT ALL HATEFUL OR BIGOTED NO PRECIOUS Supra Feminists What Are Uber Marginalized But Still Somehow Going To Save Us All Whether We Like It Or Not, All By Yourselves, Apparently.

Blueberry, even.


Sarah J said...

hello, great post. and Lisa for the real win.

because I think that's it, what she said, really. the idea that being female and femininity = oppression.

when I'm not completely drained I'll have more to say.

Lisa Harney said...

Thank you for writing this.

Believe it or not, I'll have an actual post up about Polly and mAndrea shortly.

I won't be addressing their argumentsm though, but rather why their arguments are ethically bankrupt and without merit, and thus not worth ever addressing.

belledame222 said...

throw in something about why a dyke would be pulling something that relies this blatantly on tried and true homophobic techniques while you're at it, willya? and meanwhile where the hell all these gorram straight women get off policing the community for sexual and gender deviance and trying to have their "radical" cake at the same time?

Trinity said...

yes. just yes.

lankydancer said...

Great post, Belle, you rule at these clearsighted-and-snarky roundups of stupid.

I also really like what Lisa had to say: trying to equate femininity (in terms of being female, not necessarily femme) solely with oppression, at least by implication, is doing feminists and women in general a radical disservice. Last I checked, the point of the whole business was making life better for all women (and that damn well includes trans women), not winning the "most oppressedest of all" prize and going and sulking in a corner.

As I've said before, that ain't my idea of feminism.

Lisa Harney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GallingGalla said...

Thank you for this, Belle, and Lisa, and Ren and Debs and Em.

I tried to leave a lengthy comment at Ren's, but blogger flipped on me and I don't know if Ren got the comment or not.

But the jist of it is:

Yours is a righteous anger, Ren. And though this [Ren's] post focuses primarily on sex workers and anti-porn aspects of cultfems, I feel that this post is equally in solidarity with trans* folk, particularly trans* women, and sex-pos women, and women into kink, for are we all not slandered and dehumanized in the same ways by these people?

Trinity said...

"where the hell all these gorram straight women get off policing the community for sexual and gender deviance and trying to have their "radical" cake at the same time?"

right the fuck on

Lisa Harney said...

What I said has a lot to do with my own opinion as to how feminism reinforces itself as a movement for middle-class white cis women.

There's also this attitude that identities that are largely women's identities are permeable, like any woman can choose to be a lesbian just by choosing not to sleep with men, and never mind the effect this has on the lesbian community and the women who identify as lesbians because they are attracted to women, not because they're making a political statement.

This permeability also erases intersections that women who are not heterosexual, middle-class, or white have to deal with. This gives many feminists the sense of entitlement that they can speak about lesbian experiences when they are themselves not lesbians and don't identify as such.

Or for another comparison, Heart's outburst on Rachel's Tavern, when she appropriated trafficking, slavery, and other experiences of women who do not have Heart's privilege simply because they were women and how this ignored intersections like race.

Deleted and reposted to correct the most obnoxious typo I've ever made. OMG.

Princess Backpack said...

Hey, I realize this post is ancient,
but I stumbled upon the blueberry thing from some recent transphobic rad-fem nonsense, and my friend said "wait a minute! I'm pretty sure belledame is cool"
so we figured it was an imposter and also found this website which creeped us the heck out.
Sorry if this is bringing up old stupid, but you know, doing that is definitely against's terms of service and you could probably get the blog deleted if you wanted to.

belledame222 said...

"like being savaged by a dead sheep"

Eh. Thanks, though.

belledame222 said...

-oh wait a minute, I missed the address. Yeah, okay, that is annoying. I'll check it out with Wordpress then.

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