Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brie? Cheddar? Limburger? Perhaps some nice "Wiz du Fromage"

Just trying to think what might best go with this pungent little whine. lordies.

John McCain campaign senior strategist Nicole Wallace conceded Wednesday that the campaign “lost the spin war” by allowing Barack Obama’s campaign to brand the Arizona senator as a dirty campaigner.
“The truth is they play dirty politics, and maybe we haven't been quick enough. Maybe we don't have enough friends in the media to carry the message,” Wallace said on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" show. “

...Well, look, it's like running against God,” Wallace said. “You know, the media has anointed [Obama]. Many, many places in the media, present company excluded, and he's got more money. He opted out of public funds. No one cares about that.”

or about the sexism leveled against Palin, whereas the racism has gotten -so much more attention- and it's NOT FAIR because

“The truth is we've had a lot of thoughtful discussions about race in this campaign"

Okay. I mean, I didn't realize "I AM NOT A RACIST LIKE GEORGE WALLACE!! IT'S NOT MY FAULT! YOU MAKE HIM TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW! p.s. stop insulting Obama by calling him an 'Arab,' though; he's scary but he's not THAT scary, plus also I don't actually want to be considered responsible if anyone actually goes as far as shooting him" constituted "thoughtful," but clearly in many ways we exist on different planets, there.

I -am- sorry about "not having enough friends in the media," though. Possibly the fact that your candidate is a total buttmunch who has a bad habit of calling people "you little jerk," cancelling appearances on late night shows at the last moment, and just generally being an ill-mannered troglodyte might have something to do with it. Oh, yes, and whining about how "the media is OUT TO GET MEEEE" is always a winner, there.

it -is- rather refreshing to hear what's essentially an admission of "I suck at my job" from a P.R. person, though. just keep right on -not- spinning, there, it's what you're good at...


Anonymous said...

He messed with Letterman. What the heck did he expect, flowers?

belledame222 said...

I can't believe he's going -back- on Letterman.