Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"That one."

ETA: teh remix (thanks, trin)

So basically what we have here is Archie Bunker without the charm.

This is what’s really unsettling: you take into account this is him on his -best behavior.- I mean he’s actively trying *not* to come off like a racist, condescending prick, on account of he must know that whatever he thinks in his pebbly little heart o' hearts, no one -actually likes- a racist, condescending prick, and he's trying to win an election here, not demonstrate How To Lose Friends And Alienate People--With John McCain! (part XXVII). I think.

I mean, not that I -actually- think a guy who thinks "gooks" is a fine and dandy word to keep on using no matter what people say, or who repeatedly voted against recognizing Martin Luther King Day and then later showed up to apologize for it whilst having a black man hold an umbrella over his head might -actually-have any kind of problem with the ol' racism. (Or sexism, and/or homophobia, for that matter). Nonono. I'm sure he doesn't have a bigoted bone in his body. So few people -really- do, you know. Also, too, he's another uniter-not-a-divider, is John McCain.

But I think people are picking up on what poor self-control this shows, which is -really- worrying even to people who aren’t that moved by the idea that he’s racist. How frigging hard is it to remember to look someone in the eye and call him by his name ffs? Can’t he even manage -that-?

Or...maybe he thinks it’s a sign of weakness to meet the bare minimum of civility; certainly his labored incredulity at the idea of zomg sitting down and -talking to- The Enemy as a part of (shudder) -diplomacy--–yeah, it fits. "Leadership" as brittle alpha-male posturing and ego-wanking, yeah, fuck knows we haven't had enough of -that- these past eight years. I don’t know who he thinks he’s impressing in the debate there, though. No one who wasn’t already at least as big an asshole as he is, and that lot, I don’t think he needed to worry about losing their vote to Obama to begin with.

What was that about -character-, again?


jfpbookworm said...

"Leadership" as brittle alpha-male posturing and ego-wanking, yeah, fuck knows we haven't had enough of -that- these past eight years.

Don't forget the repeated "sending military troops into sovereign nations to capture terrorists is fine, but for God's sake be two-faced about it!"

FeministGal said...

but we sure do love us some "goodies"....?

Trinity said...

Belle, have you seen this?

It... wins. Especially the "Cold as Ice" video and the BANJO REMIX! HAHAHAHHA.

belledame222 said...

jfp: yeah. and how stupid is he to try that one on -twice- when he was (unless I'm hallucinating my memory) smacked down with "Bomb Iran" the -first- time?

it -was- a bit bracing to hear a politician come right out and use the word "kill," I have to say. even for the one person that pretty much no one would argue has it coming. well hay, I guess in case anyone was worried that he, Obama, was some kind of hippie dippie Islamist-lover. yayz testosterone.

but yeah, McCain arguing for temperance is pretty fucking rich, all things considered.

Also: Teddy Roosevelt was an asshole. But if you're gonna valorize him for anything, McCain, how about "trust busting?" You know, kind of like the opposite of what you and your "cronies" have been doing all these years?

belledame222 said...

trin: wow, that was fast, with the T-shirts. Can't find the videos?

belledame222 said...

--never mind, I see 'em. hahaha

belledame222 said...

FG: I really don't want to know what McCain thinks of as "goodies"...

observer said...

I saw that clip on the news and I read it as being some part of his minders' instructions. Obama's name carries notoriety, so perhaps Republican PR policy is to avoid using it. Still sounds wrong.

Did he really avoid shaking Obama's hand or is that just the way it looks?

Anthony Kennerson said...

Oh, I see....apparantly, Schmidt and the rest of McInsane's handlers must have told him to drag up this "that one" smack...but they didn't have the balls to even venture into the "Obama rolls with anti-American TERROROSTS!!!!11ONE11!!!" card. They apparently save that for Insane's and Sarah Braun's vists to right-wing hack shows on Fixed News, I suppose??

Poor JohnnyMac...he coulda been a contenda...but instead, he'll be remembered as the last gasp of the Bush/Reagan era...and going down in spectatular flames. Couldn't have happened to a (not-so) nicer fella.

Start the bus, please. Only extreme chicanery will stop the Obama steamroller...and I don't see Ken Blackwell or the Brooks Brothers Rioters of Florida anywhere in sight.

Only question is whether Obama gets closer to 350...or 400 EV's.

And this from someone who's still voting for McKinney, too.


Daisy said...

Excellent background and political context, Belle... just added you to my "That One" links for the day.

observer said...

I'm sorry Anthony, I don't really understand what you're saying in your comment, but it seems my comment offended you in some way. Not my intention. I'm just remarking on my interpretation as an outsider. I'll stop that now.

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