Friday, October 03, 2008

Yeah, sums it up as well as anything.

The Stump's take on the debate tonight, that is.

although frankly this was pretty damn prescient as well.

"You pucked with the wrong Ice President."

ETA: Also, too, also:

Sarah Palin's Soliloquy.

By liam - October 3, 2008, 12:07PM
I was a Barracuda of Wasilla yup when I put the lipstick on my mouth like the Hockey Moms used or shall I wear a red yup and how he vetted me under the Cindy scowl and I thought well as well never blink as another never blink and then I asked him with my winks to ask again yup and then he asked me would I yup to say yup my abstinence flower and first I put my maverick ways around him yup and he maverick and we mavericks he could feel my maverickness all bovine yup and his heart was going like mad and yup I said yup I will Yup.

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