Friday, October 31, 2008

Extending Feminist Carnival for Sexual Freedom and Autonomy deadline one more time, to November 3.

Both to give myself a chance to look over the current entries and give other people a chance to get in entries under the wire over the weekend. It'll go up on Monday (the 3rd).

General guidelines for this carnival here.

Some thematic suggestions (suggestions only) for this edition:

-Halloween: "Trick or treat," or "come as you aren't." Costume, role-play, illusion, trickery, sugar: what roles do any of these play in sexuality? Make it personal or political or both.

-Day of the Dead: The veils are thin this time of year. Connections between sex and spirituality, and/or sex and the transcendent, if you prefer. (they call it "the little death" for a reason). Dark or light or anywhere in between.

-Election season in the U.S. Specific electoral battles such as Prop K in San Francisco, or more broad-ranging political pieces.

Also particularly interested in pieces exploring intersectionality with sexuality, including but not limited to: being of color, being queer, being genderqueer, being trans, having a disability, body issues in general, class issues, cultural issues, religion. Again, both personal and political.

Also, too, U.S. election notwithstanding, looking for pieces from folks outside the U.S. and particularly outside other Anglophone countries as well (U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand).

Feel free to nominate your own work or someone else's. Multiple submissions are fine.

Send to:

belledame222 AT gmail DOT com

p.s. Happy Halloween!


Nick said...

You're a lifesaver, Belle ( :

It'll be good to write something not involving berating presidential candidates.

Anonymous said...

discharges Take a piece of me