Monday, November 24, 2008

For the record

Dear Violet Socks,

In light of this admirable sentiment,

The attacks on Palin have been analogous to what horrible racist attacks on Obama would look like. I dislike Obama and don’t trust him politically, but that doesn’t give me the right to call him a n***r or a coon or a spade, or indulge in ugly racist stereotypes to demean him.

You may also wish to desist from referring to him as "Oppossum."

In other news, apparently Hillary will be Opossum’s Secretary of State...

Clever and original though that is.

The term coon did not originally appear as a racial slur term for a Black American, though over a short period of time it evolved into that. In early minstrel songs, the "coon" was reference to a raccoon, whose meat was supposedly preferred by plantation slaves. In many cases, for unknowing composers, the term "coon" became entangled with the 'possum, also thought to be a preferred food source. Apparently, many composers were not very familiar with American wildlife and could not tell the difference. As a result, "coon" and "possum" were often used in the same context.

Just putting it out there, friendly-like.

Alternately you could cheerfully ignore it as coming from an evil 'bot (of various sorts), apart from still more whining about how you can't say ANYTHING bad about Obama lest you be accused of being a RACIST, which you so ARE NOT so STOP SAYING THAT.

Btw, as for the rest of that post?

She’s certainly qualified and it’s a position almost worthy of her gifts, but I fear the worst. The last Secretary of State who was given credit for anything or treated as a hero was Henry Kissinger (which is not to say he deserved it). Ever since then the Secretary of State has been the designated fall guy for each administration’s missteps. Given that Hillary is already loathed by the men who run the government and the media, it’s hard to imagine her emerging unscathed.

What’s really interesting, though, is that Obama is willing to entrust such a position to a woman who, according to the Obama campaign, openly lusted for his assassination. A woman who is also, according to Obama, a corrupt plotter, a secretive and sinister agent of evil, and of course a racist.

Innit though.

And a lot of non-PUMA's didn't want Summers and said so, but don't let that ruin your "only us against the tide of DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!" narrative or anything.


hysperia said...

Hey, thanks for that. I've never liked that "opposum" thing but I couldn't figure out what - just in general, I think when we look for disrespectful nicknames, we're very apt to find something sexist, racist, able-ist, and what-not - that's just the way it works, yes? Find a weakness that you believe everyone can identify and play on it. It's hard to resist sometimes, but often, worth resisting.

Rachel said...

Doesn't the word "n****r" have four asterisks?

Anonymous said...

The number of apostrophes depends. The brother of a good friend regularly runs with a bunch of ex-Marine officers. Their racial epithet of choice has become 'niger', pronounced just like the country. So perhaps our apostrophenator here is simply more in the loop on epithets of choice than we are.

Chuckie K

Vanessa said...

These folks are really getting tedious. I feel like I could write their posts for them at this point.

Anonymous said...