Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We interrupt this blog for the following announcement:



bint alshamsa said...

Yes we did! ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it, but, allow me to join in with a YAAAAAAAYYYY!!! :-D

What a fucking relieve that is. x

Plain(s)feminist said...

Yeah, it's a good day!!

Alon Levy said...

Except that all the gay marriage bans passed, including in California... and Bachmann won.

Who knows? Maybe we can try to agitate for SSM in New York, where we won't have to defend this in the polls every two years.

Trinity said...

woooooooooooooooooooo obama

boooooooooooooooooooo stupid gay marriage bans

Anthony Kennerson said...

On the one hand: props to the majority of America for finally getting it. Time to clean out the garbage that's been stinking up the place for the past 8 years...if not 30 years.

On the other hand: a series of serious head slaps to those fellow and sister Black and Latino folk in Cali who helped put Proposition Eight over the top; WTF were you thinking??? Prejudice against one is prejudice against all, and even if you might not like gay marriage or gay adoption, at least you should respect those who do. I guess that religious bigotry and sexual reaction still remains a tough nut to crack even among progressive people.

Oh....and if Alaska reelects Ted Stevens even after he's been convicted (and then puts Caribou Eva Braun in his seat when the next Dem Senate kicks his ass out on his....tubes), then they deserve not only head slaps, but groin kicks, too.

Other than those caveats, a good day to celebrate.


Anthony Kennerson said...

One last thing....memo to President-Elect Obama: There are some of us who still remember how you tacked so far to the Right earlier in the campaign, voted for telecom immunity and against extending FISA, crawfished your way past your votes for extending and funding Dubya's wars, pandered to social conservatives and even a few reactionaries, and basically acted like the DLC Democrat that you supposedly ran against. (And I'n not even including the Hillary supporters, either.) Wear your crown proudly and govern wisely, sir, because if you don't live up to your standards and fail to enact real progressive changes as you promised, you will suffer the same fate that Bubba Clinton did after 1992. I'd rather not see a Newt Gingrich/Sarah Palin comeback in 2010 or 2012.


Nick said...

Good thoughts, Anthony.

Daisy said...



Daisy said...

PS: Anthony and Tina Fey are trying to freak me out bigtime with that "Palin in 2012" stuff.

Woozie said...

California blacks and Latinos kind of took a giant shit on the day though.

Anthony Kennerson said...


First off, that US Senate race in Alaska isn't quite settled yet: Begich might still pull it out and the whole Senator Caribou Eva scenario might never happen. Cross your fingers on that.

Palin making a run for the White House in 2012, though, is a real possibility...but she would have to fight it out with Huckabee, Jindal, Romney, and probably even Gingrich for the right to get swamped even worse than last Tuesday. If Obama even fulfills half of his promises, then we may be looking at another Reagan-Mondale style ass whopping.

Plus, the Repubs might want to hold back on all the smack about winning back the White House in 2012....they still have the 2010 midterm elections to go through. More vulnerable Repubs (including McCain) are up for reelection then, and if they aren't careful, they could be reduced to worse than minority status if they really, really push it too far.

And to Woozie: Nope, the biggest bowel movement in Cali on Prop. Hate still belongs to the White fundie folk; Blacks and Latinos may have spazzed out and voted this proposal over the top, but the base of the hatemongers is still White. We may have our issues with homophobia, but we didn't invent it to begin with.


belledame222 said...

Yeah, I don't blame blacks and Latinos for the fucked up vote: sure, there were more conservative evangelicals turning out all around who crossed over for Obama and/or might not have been voting for anyone, who also voted "Yes." But that's a) the PoC portion of that population, small enough that no I don't think it made a difference b) was probably balanced out by all the swell of otherwise-might-have-stayed-home/new voters/etc fired up for Obama who -did- vote "No" (the Spanish language radion station in my mom's conservative hometown was full of anti-8 ads)

Most of all I blame the motherfuckers who funded this bullshit and pushed it and pushed it and pushed it and wouldn't let it the fuck go, most of all, and -that- was, by and large, Mormons from out of state, and you know, I think that not many of those were black. The divisive fuckheads scaring the crap out of people with misleading rhetoric and misuse of the pulpit. The same assholes who've been bringing racist scaremongering to us all these years in the same of the same bullshit "principles" and are only just now pretending they give a fuck about "civil rights" when it comes to y'know the ones that just aren't up for their vote anymore. THOSE fuckheads.

--oh yeah, and incidentally, I also -personally- blame the very white potato-faced Sensitive New Age liberal d00d motherfucker classmate of mine, here in this very liberal fringey woo woo San Francisco university, I just found out in conversation voted "yes." Like, in break just before going back into class, exactly what you want to hear.

But, he was arguing over it with a friend and he feels good about the conversation, how nice for him, it's a fucking therapy program and he's all getting in touch with his feelings, you know. I'm like, bitch, I have a lot more feelings for you to get in touch with...seriously, fuck you and your--

no, okay, I go, after picking my jaw up off the floor, ...why?

Do I really want to get into it he sez. Well, -no-, frankly, but. Why.

Something about "it's just the semantics."

"Semantics," I repeat.


Well, I "feel good" about -taking care of myself- by walking out of the class till I calmed the hell down, eating something, and coming back to reconnect with all the other classmates who -aren't- spineless little milquetoast God only knows...ick ick ick. Including the one who's devastated because she -was- married, see, and she came to California precisely because she thought this was a haven finally--

no words. She's checking in, we're all checking in, in the same (next) class where Potato is sitting like a lump. I didn't call him out directly, it's not an Encounter class and it would've just...not worked but rant rant rant anyway. agh. still livid.

more later.

Daisy said...


WOW, Belle, sorry you had to hear that.

But I do hear similar nonsense from "liberals"--they just don't want to give it the title "marriage"--authentic legal marriage is reserved for, well, you-know-who:

"Why can't they just settle for civil unions?"

And I wanna ask these married guys--would YOU settle for a civil union? I would not. Why do you think gay couples should/would?


belledame222 said...

Thanks, Daisy.

Yeah, I assume "semantics" is Potato speak* for "I'm fine with DP, I just don't think it should be -marriage-. If not, I have no idea what he thought he meant. And don't much care, except in a morbidly curious sort of way. I mean I wouldn't at all except I have to keep seeing him regularly for the next couple of years, and quite possibly be asked to work with him and talk about y'know -feelings.-

"Okay, I statement. I feel incandescent with rage. Toward -you.-"

And not even for myself: again, I'm gutted for my classmate, who was -weeping- openly, clearly devastated, and he just sat there and watched (the conversation we'd had was earlier, and private, she doesn't know he said anything like this and I don't really want to be the one to break it to her, her -classmate- voted against her too, she doesn't need it at all), and I am thinking: yeah, what ARE you feeling -now-, you fuck? I mean I -really- want to know. But, I couldn't. It may well come out at some point, but--ech blech. We hates it. At least everyone else in the class was clearly--human. I came up and some others did and hugged her during the break, and talked about taking it to the next step, get involved in more activism, you know; while Potato just sort of wandered into the hall and made a call on his cell phone. Calling Potato Headquarters, maybe.

*I never liked this guy, right from the beginning; I just had this irrational, visceral dislike largely based on his appearance, sort of your classic quasi-Eastern "enlightened" whitey mcwhite straight boy SNAG--you know the type? He looks--like a potato. Badly shaven, pasty like he's just been dug out of the earth, earth tones, all bluish-white and dull brown. His voice is this Muppety hollow head voice--if potatoes could talk, it's what they'd sound like. And he did this mingey little--I can't even remember it, at the beginning of the year, something subtle, I was just--oo, I DON'T like you.

And then I felt bad about it because it seemed so very irrational; guy can't help what he looks like (well, much), after all, I mustn't stereotype, and it's true, I -was- starting to warm to him, he seemed like a genuinely nice, calm, interesting guy, if a little tight, like a lot of people in the program.

No mo tho'.

I -love- calling him The Potato. I think this is a keeper.

belledame222 said...

and of course, and I -did- get to say this during the check-in in the next class (where both Potato and the other classmate were), that yeah, furious and gutted about the vote (in general), wtf is wrong with people, and I am thinking of my best friend who, because he's not a U.S. citizen, -yeah,- the "semantics" bloody well matter: even the best DP set-ups, even -statewide- marriage, do not give him any rights when it comes to immigration. If his partner had been female he could've married her a decade ago or more. It's -crap.- I hope some of it penetrated his Potatohead, I really do, but I'm not optimistic. We may be into an Encounter-style confrontation at some point, I dunno, it's gonna be a long few years.