Saturday, March 11, 2006

I do not believe the Constitution includes a proviso that what I do and don't do with my body must first be approved by a sexist asshat.

Yes, we all know by now that William Napoli is a sexist asshat.

If you don't yet, see this video on the sexist asshat's explanation of the criteria for being allowed to get an abortion, as recently decided in South Dakota, and all will become clear.

Then, if you haven't already, go over to Planned Parenthood and sign the petition. Because the choice of whether to have an abortion belongs to the woman, not to some random sexist asshat.


Rey said...

Apparently, some have now begun referring to the act of brutally raping, savaging, sodomizing as bad as you can possibly make it, and impregnating a religious virgin who has been saving herself for marriage as Napoli-ing.

As opposed to gently raping in a civilized manner, sodomizing in a good way with lube and perhaps some vibrators, and then impregnating an irreligious chick whose been giving it away - Napoli calls that "what she deserved."

Do you think the people in South Dakota realize that he has issues? I mean, whether they're pro-life or -choice, do you think they see his craziness?

Alex Barreto said... I don't think they see his craziness. And for the record Mr. Napoli, if you're googling your name and come upon this: what does sodomy have to do with the abortion debate exactly? Rey and I should be taking pregnancy tests. Baby stool sample--it's a pregnancy test for gay men AND the name of a floor model for a piece of furniture made to sit your baby at level with bars. Baby-tini anyone?