Friday, February 09, 2007

31st Carnival of Feminists is up.

at Truly Outrageous, in two parts


elle said...

hi belle! been lurking.

why is word verification "biteme"

belledame222 said...

word verification speks to us in the wise if somewhat garbled tongue of the Prophets.

or something.

no, that's funny.


cicely said...

What *is* word verification? (Is it ever anything other than those letters I have to type in to post...?) I ask because I see it mentioned often in comments and 'somewhat' garbled doesn't cover it!

I live in a pretty truncated version of cyberspace because of the ancientness, bareness and unique maladies of my hobbled together equipment. eg, I have to think twice before I click on links if I haven't linked to anywhere from the same source before, and sometimes even if I have, in case everything jams up and I have to switch off the computer and start again. (Twice sometimes, because it comes back on in 'safety mode'). This also happens when I try to comment at certain places, but enough about me...the day I upgrade, and maybe take a computer course, will come to pass...

Anonymous said...

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