Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dear neighbors:

It is one thirty in the morning. On a WEEKDAY. SHUT. THE FUCK. UP.


sly civilian said...

a good friend of mine lives down in nyc...we have a serious talk late one night, and all of a sudden, the neighbors who have this just terrible faux rock band thing going on start practicing.

the memory of our talk is now embedded with a cheesy baseline.

the price of being in the big city, i suppose.

belledame222 said...

yeah well, now i have iTunes on myself, first to drown them out and now cause i'm into it, so i'm an asshole too. yay!

super des said...

Were they, um, "celebrating" Vals Day? Or are they just loud and obnoxious every day?

belledame222 said...

They're pretty often loud, if not as obnoxious--generally sort of party party! with salsa/merengue music, which can be relatively pleasant depending on what kind of mood i'm in and how late it is. this time tho' it was mostly an angry-sounding monologue in which the word "borrrrrracho" was uttered at least once.

Roy said...

You should introduce your neighbors to mine- The Annoying Girl Downstairs aka She-Of-The-Two-Large-Dogs-That-Must-Be-Let-Out-At-Two-In-The-Morning-Without-A-Leash-So-That-She-Must-Scream-For-Them-Repeatedly-For-Going-On-A-Half-Hour-Despite-The-Fact-That-She-Has-A-Chain-For-Them. Because nothing helps me prep for a long work-day like listening to her scream loudly for her two stupid dogs. Also, as long as I'm on it- maybe you could convince her to, I don't know... clean up the dogshit that now covers the entire lawn?
I know, it's a really radical idea.
*grumble grumble*