Monday, February 05, 2007

and once again, Black Amazon nails it:

Vancouver Rape Relief has every right to structure it's program however it wants . It has every right to believe that you are required to have certain experiences to be a counselor in their program.

I have a right to believe its myopic and shortsighted.

...Not a women born woman ? GET OUT.

This of course was not out lined in their literature as they accept transwomen for counseling , so they are acceptable women then.

What fucking disgusts me is their legal defense of it which of course is left out in the discussion at Womensspace. I found it by way of Eagle Canada :

The VRR made a preliminary court challenge arguing that the human rights commission should not undertake any review of Ms Nixon’s complaint because “gender identity” is not listed in human rights legislation as a proper basis for making a complaint


She has no power to challenge this . Her previous identity is more important than her current one and we can do it cause we can .

...The supposition that women are somehow immune to violence because they were born women is FUCKING insulting.

Because no lesbian ever beat up her partner. No same sex sexual escapade ever turned ugly, No young girl was abused by a woman and needed healing from that.

So huzzah and hurrah we've saved the women form the nasty influence of the men.

And set a DANGEROUS legal precedent. Because yes Virginia this ruling means that a trans person has a HARDER time getting benefits, or representation because VRR has given us the gift of public record acknowledging that trans discrimination is AOK.

Legally they are perfectly allowed to do what they do. I am personally a fan of affinity groups but what irks me here the most is that. There was no presentation of this in the beginning , there was no declaration of this at the start of her TREATMENT or when they told her when she asked to volunteer, or her FIRST session.

Their missions statement doesn't included Women born Women, but like so many spaces has been amended to do so .

And they want support for being bigots.

there's a lot more, and it's worth reading, so go read the rest.

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