Friday, February 09, 2007

Comfort foods

What are yours?

mine seem to involve an inordinate amount of dairy, i am noticing lately. mac and cheese, linguine sort-of-alfredo, creamed spinach.


Trin said...

Dark chocolate. White wine.

JackGoff said...

My true comfort food is spinach with sauteed onions and garlic. I've been making it since I was like 8 or so.

I've found that with some cream of celery soup and croutons, you got a meal to curl up on a cold day with. Mmmm...

I also dig mashed potatoes with milk, garlic powder, and margarine.

super des said...

I eat mac & cheese every day for lunch!

My actual comfort foods are anything that someone else prepared for me and I get to eat. I'm not picky.

luisa said...

i really love baked mac & cheese but any mac and cheese is okay by me. once, i almost bought a cookbook that only had recipes of variations on mac & cheese.

Lately, my comfort food is corn with mayo, parmesan, chili, and lime. this can be done on the cob or cut off and mixed. i got addicted to it in mexico.

and i never turn down a grilled cheese sandwich.

debbie said...

chicken soup with matzo balls
split pea soup
kasha (pasta and buckwheat)
ice cream
chocolate anything
baked macaroni and cheese
grilled cheese sandwiches (on challah bread!) with a dill pickle and fries on the side

Natalia said...

Men. Mmmmm.

Ok, seriously - beer, beer, beer, and some Pringles.

JaneDoe said...

Yeah, I'm all about the cheese. When I was finished my dissertation I ate brie and crackers for like a month. It was a little gross but so comforting.

Renegade Evolution said...

Cheese fondu, General Tso's Extra Spicy Garlic Chicken, Popcorn

little light said...

Meatloaf. Sushi. Chocolate-chip cookies. Massaman curry. Scalloped potatoes. Spicy rice crackers. Good hamburgers.
Actually, I have a lot of comfort foods. Hell, sometimes, really it just comes down to a strawberry milkshake.

little light said...

Okay, yeah, with the beer, so long as it's the right beer. Or Jameson's or Maker's Mark, on the rocks.

Veronica said...

I'm not sure that I actually associate food with comfort... but, grilled chicken, rice with dill and lima beans, and cucmber salad taste like being a kid in the summer. MMMMM.

I'm also big fan of a chain in Texas called Taco Bueno. Or, red beans and rice from Popeye's Chicken. And, cheesey tator tots from Sonic, and LIMADE!!!

Maybe my comfort foods are fast foods? Scary.

meva said...

Pasta. Creamy pasta. Carbonara especially.

With a nice red.

Kim said...

Taco Bell.
PBJ sandwich.
(Wow ... I'm quite trashy.)

Belle, what DID you do to your blog?
Is this Beta or someother new Blogger thing?
I'm Beta -- should I switch to something else?

Andrea said...

Fish and Chips (the ultimate!)
Cheese of some description

Comfort food ahs to be really filling for me, I only feel adequately comforted if I have a seriously rotund form for at least a few hours.

Bimbo said...

Bread, spaghetti & meatballs, oatmeal, but meatballs. Just go with the meatballs.

Sylvia said...

Ice cream
European chocolate
Vanilla bean tea
Poppy bagels with cream cheese
Carrot cake
Cranberry juice
Anything Italian (food, people, cars -- but mostly food :-p)

Anonymous said...

I could seriously live on a diet of comfort food....Mac & Cheese, Pasta dishes in general,Grilled Cheese Sanwiches and just about any kind of hearty SOUP!!!!
I dearly LOVE soup!!!!!

Alex said...

Mashed potatoes, mashed turnip (both loaded with butter and salt); ice cream (especially rainbow sherbert); bubble tea (of any sort); anything chocolatey.

Unsane said...

Red wine, white wine.

drydock said...

Milkshake. On my bleakest day ever, a sort of famous writer bought me a frickin chocolate shake

piny said...

Sweet, sweet milk fat: ice cream, yogurt with honey, clotted cream. Cardamom ice cream from the Indian grocery, zuppa inglese gelato from the gelateria, brandy-laced clotted cream from the deli.

And chocolate. Always chocolate.


Mashed potatoes and gravy. Mac & cheese. :)

Cassandra Says said...

Chocolate. Grilled unagi - actually pretty much any kind of unagi. Spicy Arabic lentil soup. Chicken with black bean sauce. Maguro sashimi. Bun with grilled beef. Persian rice pudding (the only dairy on my list, odd for a Brit). Almost any kind of well-made curry. Imam bayaldi. Jambalaya. Chicken pho with lots of chillies and herbs. Good old Texas chilli. Pozole. Coconut ice cream. Sticky rice with mangoes. Chicken tikka. Satay.
Damn, now I'm hungry.

lilcollegegirl said...

Mac and cheese, clam chowder, seafood anything, especially involving melted butter, cheese, salami, braunschwager (sp?), olive loaf, cold hot dogs, rice crackers, Cooler Ranch Doritos, hot tea with a ridiculous amount of sugar in it, though not the insanity that is "sweet tea" (I ordered boything (since he's from Texas, the poor thing) to make me some, gagged on the second sip, then put it in the freezer and used it to sweeten my tea for the next two weeks.) Yay junk food.

Amy said...

Anything in sight.

belledame222 said...


btw, dunno if i said, Amy, but--welcome!

Bint Alshamsa said...

1.Tomato soup with parmesan cheese and chives.
2.Sausage gumbo
3.Shrimp Etoufee
4.Mint chocolate chip
Baskin & Robin's Peanut Butter 'n Chocolate ice cream

Enjoying any one of the above is enough to make it a good night no matter what happens.

Rosie said...

I'm with Bint Alshamsa on that dark chocolate peanut butter ice cream. That stuff is deadly for me.

I love all things dairy and hot fruit cobbler with ice cream.

And fried chicken with milk gravy on rice.

And fresh butter beans and rice.

Squirrels and gravy on biscuits.