Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bad Jew, no matzoh

L'shanah tovah to all who observe, and "good year to you" to the rest of you.

(i ALWAYS forget this time of year. ALWAYS. Passover, too).


Daisy Bond said...

Whoa, hey, you can forget one or the other, but both is just excessive!

Renegade Evolution said...

holiday? Oh yeah....

(I got the "you DO remember what today IS, don't you?" phone call from the Jewish Grandmother TM)

bint alshamsa said...

What's worse is that I knew it was rosh hashanah and I still managed to forget to greet everyone.

I won't even attempt to guess what the proper reply is in Hebrew but

"sinat al-jayid" to you, my favorite Jewish blogger!

(Do I at least get some points for saying it in the same language group? No? Well, at least I tried!)


Alon Levy said...

I won't even attempt to guess what the proper reply is in Hebrew

I don't think there is any. I know in Arabic there are some stock replies to stock phrases, but in Hebrew you'd just repeat the phrase that was said to you, or, maybe, add, "Gam l'cha/lach" ("for you, too"). The following conversation is perfectly normal in Israel:

Alon: shana tova, Lior.
Lior: shana tova, Alon.

Daisy said...

My first-ever visit to New York was during this time (1976), and I remember being so shocked at how many businesses were closed. Toto, you're not in... etc.

Later, I married a Jew who was pretty hostile to Judaism and when his family would ask us to their house for the holiday dinner, he always declined, rolling eyes dramatically. I finally threw a fit and said (rightly) THEY'RE BLAMING ME for you not showing up, ya know! And so we finally got to go.

I loved the ritual and the food! :)

When I later discovered he actually lights a menorah for his kids in December, I felt personally vindicated. I hope his second gentile wife appreciates me; he lets her have a Christmas tree, too! I died for her sins! pardon the bad joke! :P

Also, I think marxism wanes with age, and is just too hard to sustain over decades.

little light said...

Oh, heavens, ad here I forgot to call my dad. I always call my dad on the High Holy Days.
I'm a bad Jew. It's probably all those years of ancestor veneration.