Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quote of the day, 9/23/07

Silky dark chocolate ganache paired with a thin layer of pure raspberry. (It was like the Raspberry Fairy was wearing a chocolate bra and rubbed her boobs on my tongue)

--Creampuff Revolution, a woman who clearly has her priorities in order, describing a truffle


Winter said...

Heh heh. I love Roro.

Rosie said...

Yikes...that sends shivers to my pleasure centers!

Adorable said...

Best quote. Evah.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Trying to email, can't find address. Forgot stupid google identity, had to make a new one.

Here's my question, since you seem to be a woman who can get things answered:

How is it that this woman blogger has this presidential campaign going, accepts donations, and yet hasn't responded to any of three emails sent to her 1)party's address 2) her "campaign manager" or 3)her asking her for the federally mandated financial accountability?

roro said...

I'm so honoured! And a little sad that there are no more raspberry truffles. xoxo