Thursday, September 20, 2007

Virtual March for the Jena 6

HQ at the UltraVioletUnderground.

Black Amazon kicks ass as per usual.


not an american thank whomever said...
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belledame222 said...
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belledame222 said...
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belledame222 said...
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plain(s)feminist said...

Aw, if you delete them, then we can't tell them they're being chowderheads.

For the record, there are ways to encourage blog posts about issues you care about. Insulting the blog owner is not one of them.

belledame222 said...

shrug. if you insist...I should still have it in my email backlog.

yep. here 'tis in all its brilliance:

not an american thank whomever has left a new comment on your post
"jena-6.html>Virtual March for the Jena 6":

This is great news. What about those lesbian women?
The New Jersey six? What about that woman who was forced to, who know
do it to her own son? Yeah right, it is all about the menz.Must look
after the boys first. It is so much easier. Oh well, that's life.


belledame222 said...

and actually, dear, it's New Jersey Seven, otherwise known as the Lesbian Seven. There is a New Jersey Six case; it's more menz, though, sadly. more alleged would-be terrorists.

I mean, you've gotta love the P.R. Here's a white woman well known for her racism, who decides the best way to demonstrate her support for black lesbians is to pitch a fit when some kind of momentum, after -months- of organizing overwhelmingly by POC, is finally got going for -another- case of outrageous injustice against black young men. And sends her flying monkeys out to other white feminists' blogs with these spavined talking points. -Nice- going. Clap, clap.

oh, yeah, and the case of the teenagers who attacked the mother and her son, because that has so much to do with -anything.- Seriously, what -is- that? They're teenaged boys who're charged with crimes, and -these- are teenage boys charged with crimes, so...what, now?

whatever, these people give me an asscramp.

thanks for picking up the gauntlet, PF. yeah, it does deserve more coverage, that case, no shit. maybe if girlfriend there devoted more time to working with or at least -not- alienating all the various POC and queer activist groups (among oh, so many other people) than to self-aggrandizing posturing, that petition might've gotten a lot farther by now.

belledame222 said...

oh yeah, and: cookiepuss: we're all really glad you're not an American too, believe me. we've got enough asshole zealots as it is.

Maleficent said...

Well, first of all Belledame, I do owe you an apology. I guess there was some displacement going on for me. I was angry about my country covertly supporting yours and at what your country is doing, plus some white Americans who have moved to my country and proceed to tell us what to do. Nice try though to say that I am white and known for my racism.
However, I must also thank your for the avatar of Maleficent. I love it. It sort of is the inverse of Zeus throwing the thunderbolts. Yes, my women's fury was there. I was looking for information about those other women and all I could find was the Jena six.
I apologize for taking it out on you.

belledame222 said...

Fair enough. I was actually partly referring to the person i knew of who's been swearing she won't write about the Jena 6 until more people cover the New Jersey 7 to her satisfaction; frankly i think her P.R. leaves a lot to be desired in many arenas. I also figured you might be someone else in particular, a UK blogger, who's been known to troll before. Anyway, apology accepted.

as per ugly Americans abroad and "our" little war adventure: believe me, I'm not any happier about it. What can you say at this point? I apologize on behalf of the government I emphatically did not vote for and did, if not everything in my power, admittedly, a fair amount, to try to stop it, protest it, get someone else in, at least make dents in the damage they're doing...yeah, i don't know where you're writing from, but clearly we've got a lot to answer for, collectively.

As for the women who were attacked in the East Village, I'm pretty sure that at least one person was talking about this back in March, I remember putting it in the Carnival of Feminists...

...yeah, from April.

direct link:

Plains Feminist posted a follow-up here, in July.

It is true that this story is not getting nearly the coverage that it should. The thing is, the people who are currently mounting the grassroots campaign for the Jena 6 have been working at this for months, and have been furious at the relative silence about -this.-

I am sure that, for example, the people linked to in this post, PurpleZoe and Black Amazon, would be very much on board with greater publicity for this case as well. So would many people. So would many of us. Perhaps a more constructive approach might be to go to them, say, "hey, nice work, and you know, -this- case really concerns me, I'd love to see as much attention focused on them as on Jena." Just, you know, generally speaking people don't take too well to people showing up months later and going "what you're doing doesn't count, why haven't you been doing THIS instead."

Maleficent said...

Thanks Belle. I actually started reading your blog and Ren's and others after that attack on Ren. I had a big argument with another rad fem about this and the hypocrisy of professing to love women, but condemning those who have found a way to live in this world. What is the difference between prostituting one brain to live or one's body? Really, one is condoned and one is not. Most of what we have to deal with is some kind of divide and conquer.It is not that I am unaware of token feminists, bu we all come to our own understanding eventually. Anyway, blessings to you. (I still love the avatar)

belledame222 said...

And to you, and apologies for my own leaping to conclusions. Take care.