Saturday, September 15, 2007


A good analogy for a number of situations. (Personally i relate it to depression/anxiety, at least somewhat).

h/t hexy

(i was trying to come up with something clever viz "there is no spoon" and well it just wasn't clever. probably just as well).


Anonymous said...

Ze popculture references! Zey add nothing!

kactus said...

I first read the spoon analogy several months ago and found it very fitting. Not just to help me understand my limits, but to explain them to the able-bodies, non-chronically-ill.

Today, right now, I'm operating on all spoons. After I vaccuum the living room floor, who knows?

hexyhex said...

Everyone I know who suffers from any form of disability or serious chronic illness has read that article and gone "YES!"

Amongst my support group of madwomen, it's such useful verbal shorthand. I may not be able to get out that I'm having a shit day, but when all I have to say is "low on spoons", the communication burden is far easier to manage.