Monday, December 24, 2007

there is is again goddamit

that odd noise i mentioned a few weeks back, which, can't tell if it's a TV or the heater or...what. in the bedroom.

i mean...-if- it's a ha'ant or suchlike, it's a rather monotonous and specifically located one.

what it sounds like, is: someone reading a newscast, endlessly, from moderately far away. on a kazoo. is what it sounds like.


R. Mildred said...

Intelligent rats? Stupid rats who've created their own version of Bill O'Rly? An infestation of Randian Objectivists?

Or maybe Homeland Security is getting a bit soviet in it's ambitions?

Just remember to say "bless you" if the walls sneeze.

UneFemmePlusCourageuse said...

Hilarious description of what it sounds like.

James Stanhope said...

The sounds that you're describing are probably completely normal, especially if you hear them when heating/cooling equipment (HVAC) is turned on. The commenter EthylBenzene, in her 12/6/2007 response to your 12/1/2007 post entitled "Gremlins," described how, under certain conditions, the human brain will automatically "reshape" unfamiliar noises into something familiar (like news broadcasts). That's probably why lots of people think they hear news broadcasts when ventilation equipment is turned on. Also, there's such a thing as "hypnogogic" auditory (and visual) hallucinations which people hear (or see) when they are slipping into or emerging from sleep, and such hallucinations are part of the normal brain function. So you have nothing to worry about, depending on what your "broadcasts" are reporting.

Eli said...

Or maybe an old newsreader died in your apartment. Yes, I think that's my favorite explanation.

belledame222 said...

an old newsreader, who played the kazoo.

maybe that's how sie died! choked to death, on a kazoo! o the humanity.

maybe -that's- why the super never comes when i call him. he's just frightened. and/or doesn't like the kazoo.

Rootietoot said...

Is there a cat you can blame it on? Mine makes a noise that sounds almost exactly like a tiny chainsaw sometimes, if he sees something intriguing.

kactus said...

ok, this scared me last time, and it's scaring me now. Urk, spooky voices in the night. No thank you--sounds like yet another reason to stay the hell away from New York.

belledame222 said...

oh, come on now. just because the old neighbors down the hall are a bit eccentric with their herbs and chanting and so on, there is -no need to be paranoid-.

look, they even made me this nice chocolate mousse.

so, it has a slight chalky undertaste. it's the thought that counts.

im prfctly fi

ArrogantWorm said...

It could be worse. You could have a haunted desk which likes to mock you when you want to get into the bottom drawer. Maybe you could turn on a fan? Good for drowning out low/faint noises, imo.

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