Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Well, it's certainly uncontaminated by phones."

At the local Radio Shack, we learn: the phones that are on display without a price marker are thus displayed because they don't actually have any of those models in stock. This includes the model that I wanted, of the options that were presented, which were already not many.

So, okay: what phones DO they have. Guy checks in back. Emerges with two very basic models. I pick one. Guy disappears into the back again. Re-emerges a few moments later and explains that he'd been going to exchange the model he was showing me, which was defective, for a good one; but oops, looks like the recent flooding in the basement has ruined all the phones that were down there, sorry.

I'm sure there is a profound moral to this story, but I'm sure I don't know what.

So, without further ado: the Cheese Shop sketch.

Here is another post about cheese. No phones there either, though.


Ravenmn said...

This needs to be added to The Onion's "interview" with the CEO of Radio Shack:

"Just walking into the place makes you feel vaguely depressed and alienated."

bint alshamsa said...

My dad was an old school computer programmer back in the green screen days. I have no idea what the hell he did with them all but he was constantly buying all of those little components that RadioShack carried. We were also Tandy kids. Am I the only one who remembers the little comic books that they used to give away to kids who came into the store with their parents?

Sucks about the phones, though.

kactus said...

Ha, bint. Back in my Kelly Girl days I worked for a few months at the headquarters of the Tandy Corporation in Ft. Worth, Tx. This was in 1986, and it was the first time I'd ever used a personal computer.

Best part of that job was that I worked in the engineering department, so all the engineering geeks got to try their new inventions out on us. Remote control cars zooming about your feet while you tried to file definitely made for a fun work environment.

CrackerLilo said...

Ravenmn, I thought of that Onion story, too!!!!

Radio Shack's useless. Hope you have better luck elsewhere.