Saturday, December 29, 2007

Weekend get-your-groove-on

Yeah yeah? Yeah, I think so.

and what the hell, a few fanvids*, since I like the songs and also I'm currently sort of obsessed with Dr. Who/Torchwood. -waits impatiently for new seasons even though the DW Christmas special was kind of rubbish-

*not mine, just to be clear; ganked some other folks' efforts that I liked off Youtube along with the rest of 'em is all.


Tom Nolan said...

Ah, so that's why you post so little these days - you're watching season after season of "Dr Who" on DVD, often glued to the screen till four in the morning, I bet (tut tut).

Honestly - science fiction hasn't been this camp since "Barbarella".

rabfish said...

wow! great videos! :)

Phil BC said...

Wot, no Dr Who post????

belledame222 said...

rab! great to see you! glad you enjoyed. i am in shallow mode these days, but y'know:

"extraordinary how potent cheap music is."

Phil: heh, maybe i, gimme till the new season. gonna go watch the S3 finale (again for me) with friends tonight. go on, envy my glittering social butterfly-ness.

Tom: *koff* i resemble that remark.

Or, well, so far I've just been sticking to the new stuff, only referring to the Wiki summaries of older shit when I need a reference.

and yeah, camp as knickers. I started by watching Torchwood, which is a bit grimmer and -slightly- less with the silly (well, the finale was pretty naff);

and then the first DW episode I watched was the "Empty Child" one, the one with the gas masks? which was genuinely creepy and seemed at least somewhat plausible, SF-wise (as these things go). plus whenever they go to WWII in particular, both shows I mean, it does feel like there's something a bit deeper going on there (I'll get to that in a sec). so I was thinking it was all gonna be like that.

and then I go back and start from the beginning of S1, and it's like: giant farting prosthetic aliens! pissy flying salt shakers that shoot blocklike laserbeams at people and scream "exterminate" for long moments before actually y'know doing it, thus enabling people to run away! "K-9!" "the Weakest Link" is still on 200,000 years in the future! with chunky androids! scary savage futurekind 100 trillion years in the future (the universe lasts this long?!) have evolved fangs for eatin' people but apparently still visit their barbershop regularly...and...

and after some initial sputtering, i realized i was basically doing the equivalent of,

"Velvet paintings are -camp- and thus delightful, but flamingos on the lawn? Now that's just -tacky.-"

so said "fuck it" and accepted that this was 1) part of its charm 2) ithe price one pays for getting to watch David Tennant possessed by Zoe Wanamaker.

"Voyage of the Damned" was crap, though. Not campy, just crappy. Not sure how that happened, since it was apparently Davies who wrote that as well and as I've said, I thought the S3 finale was fucking ace. ho well.

"It's such a fine line between stupid and clever."

how deeply true that is.