Wednesday, March 18, 2009

and still more icky douchebaggery, aka shining knights we can all do without

1) don't look now--seriously, don't (the following are old links for the unaware)--just, heads up: Kyle Payne is apparently out of jail and back to blogging like nothing happened. potential feminist and/or anti-abuse conference gatekeepers, employers, shelter volunteer overseers, newbies to feministland, etc: do not differentiate this "sincere pro-feminist ally" from any other known predator.

2) on a lighter or at least more hilarious note, Natalia has a Very Special commenter going into terminal Fail mode right now. A sample of the specialness:

whenever one listens to “me, my rights, my space, I, what I want” and a plethora of “it’s all about me and what I want” the lower down the social ladder of order and class one descends, as it tends to always be the lower classes which feel as though they’re entitled to something.

Whenever one hears about respecting others, putting propriety and sensibilities before selfish ambition, the higher up the social ladder one climbs.

You three ladies reminded me something in your comments, regarding your birth right and station in life - and this isn’t me insulting or “harassing” you, though I fully realize that anyone whom disagrees with any of you is obviously (rolling my eyes) harassing you… that is the problem with individuals who just think that for some reason the sun and moon should rise and set on their ass.

so now to the point: when i was very young, I remember my mother pointing out to me much of what I’d be experiencing, now that many folks were starting to immigrate:

“one can take a penny. And polish it and shine it, and oh how beautiful that penny will be! Everyone will notice it and say, ‘oh how shiny that penny is!’ however… it is still only a penny. It doesn’t have any more value because it is shiny and pretty.”

I should have known better than to try to express the merit of value, to pennies.

so, thank you. It is a waste of my time to bother trying to have an intelligent discussion with any or either of you, since the best that you have to offer is it being all about you. None of you has any interest in how other cultures, or individuals function and I actually am curious as to your agenda for traveling and marrying outside of your own culture.

The more I read of each of you the more I realize you’re each attempting to climb out of your station or class structure, while pretending to be something you’re not...

I just hope the men you’ve each managed to trick don’t get taken and fully fleeced once they’ve outlived their value to you.

...if walking home means someone is going to harass you… then guess what? Take a taxi… if you live in a low class neighbourhood, then move. really, it isn’t complicated to solve what one doesn’t like to deal with…

if i move to a ghetto, i am going to be treated according to how they live… they won’t come to my neighbourhood, so I don’t have to be subjected to how they choose to live.

it has nothing to do with power… it has everything to do with class and culture…

"So take THAT, you filthy little mudbloods! p.s. my Eastern European ladylike girlfriend who lives in Canada would -never- be so vulgar as to get herself harassed or assaulted, and neither would Mater, so NYERGH."



belledame222 said...

from his blog: o kickass, he's a RELIGIOUS upper-class twit:

He is a Christian, however, he does not applaud the method by which Christianity has been sold stating that, “It is possible to teach scripture to a parrot and never once hear the meaning of that verse from that parrot - as it squawks on its perch - high above the filth on the bottom of its cage.”

You will be challenged by the thoughts expressed here - they will incite you to expand your perceptions and open your mind to a greater understanding.

Caroline said...

Dude, he was only trying to educate you about how to behave with those 'other culture' people. You're so sarcastic. ;)

belledame222 said...

I know. I feel just -awful- about it. -cries over the realization that she'll never attract a classy man this way, goes back to gutter for a good wallow-

GallingGalla said...

i seem to remember mister van douchenozzle being a class-a-1 rape apologist on Feministe several months ago. i had quite the argument with him.

or maybe it was some *other* asshole from the Netherlands?

belledame222 said...

uh. wow. apparently now it's not just low class, it's -spiritual impurity-

When I was teaching the course on Spiritual Warfare it never surprised me when a woman was harassed sexually over and over again, when a history discovered that her mother, or grand mother had been molested, or a grand father had perpetrated molestation. Not at all. It goes back to the sins of the father to the third generation.

And it’s really easy to solve. I mean really. I have a girlfriend who managed to stay a virgin all these years, and doesn’t get sexually harassed all the time. Though mind you, she doesn’t do anything either. She’s in bed by 10, she goes to church on Sunday, and she lives a quiet normal life. She doesn’t cuss or swear. She doesn’t feel any need to give her opinion on every thing because she knows it doesn’t matter, though she does tell me in private. But that again is a matter of class and wisdom. She doesn’t agree with me, and tells me when I’m wrong, but doesn’t feel the need to stomp around or be loud or act like a flailing emotional basket head.

She’s just better then most. It really is that simple.

Men will look at her absolutely but they don’t feel compelled to approach her. As a matter of point, I’ve watched as they sort of seem almost afraid to approach her, which I find rather interesting.

Caroline said...

.........?? JESUS.

The end - "I’d like to thank some of you for your emails, though in a way". Sure, all the support we can't see....

belledame222 said...

"Would you like some tea, Miss Polly Prissy Pants?..."

Kristin said...

Did you see the poems he wrote about abstinence over at his blog? They're like...Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff circa 2002 plus my stilted ten year old self's attempts at rhyme.

belledame222 said...

oh, is that what they were about? i tried to read through them but my own internal organs kept threatening mutiny before i could decipher a meaning.

belledame222 said...

-snerkle- I must have glazed over this preamble at N's, before he decided she was nowt but a shiny penny:

what i’d like to know, as a man, being a man, is why, your man, arab or otherwise, isn’t doing something about it?

why isn’t he making sure you don’t have to be subjected to this? Picking you up, dropping you off, meeting you, and so forth.

Doing what a man should do by all actions and attitudes of chivalry and function.

It is not treating a woman as incapable by being the shield which protects her trust. Which is the purpose of a man - in my opinion, as I function thusly.

I am use to being the person who is called when a partner is having an issue, or an ex-partner is having an issue. I know it is my responsibility to pick her up, and drop her off, and treat her rightly, in all actions, thought and function.

I am that guy that stands up when she needs to use the restroom, and stands up again when she returns. I am the man that will do the errand at night and make sure that she never has to feel anything but comfortable in whatever situation might be giving her discomfort.

From what I’ve read from your blog, I personally do not feel that your man is acting the man. Because I know, from the collective of very independent and strong women which I’ve been involved, they do not feel weak or whatever adjective someone wants to lay on me for doing what is wholly and completely right to do, as a man, raised to be a man.

you know… i have this tagline on my blog… it isn’t some rhetoric… it isn’t something to give a false pretense. I function that way. Fully and completely.

I know me, and I know that if it were me, i would make it go away. I am that way, and if it cost me my life, then that is the price for it.

Though i also know, that it would never have to cost me my life.

"I am a man, who is being of the manliness, and you are being a woman who is being of the womanliness, and it is in my manly opinion that you are lacking as the woman from the man who is manly. Why is it that a man who is manly to your womanliness is not being of the manliness? I, surely, would be more manly, for I am a man (who is manly), and..."

Awfully chivalric for him to stand up when she needs to use the can. I mean, your basic dull normal ill-bred gutter-man would just, like, sit there, and not salute her womanly trips to the womens' room. Especially if she had to get past him in order to get out of the booth. And, not only does he not hold doors open, he would -pitch the woman through the closed door head first-, like a battering ram. Those bastards! Damn those Bad Men anyway. If only we could all have a GOOD man (who is manly), like James here.

Is it just me, or is he also channeling Smoov B just a tad?

Natalia said...

I think this is probably one of the funniest troll infestations that I've ever had on my blog. My *face* was hurting by the time I departed for bed last night - I'm not kidding - I was laughing that hard.

Kinda feel sorry for his girlfriend, but let's hope she's using him for his money and upper-class-dah-ling connections. And then buggers off with a younger, hotter man.

Did you know that this guy claims he's 44? He's 20 years older than me, and makes me feel like I'm grenade-blasting fish in a barrel when I talk to him. Truly the internet is full of amazing wonders.

belledame222 said...

Let's hope his "girlfriend" exists within the scare quotes only.

Miss Robyn said...

He is totally writing that crap from a Hooverville somewhere and his girlfriend is a Real Doll.


Also, Kyle Payne sucks at life.

belledame222 said...

I've been randomly spelunking the archives out of morbid amusement (bad habit, yes, God frowns on it, hair is growing on my typing fingers as we speak). his Beatrice must be in for a rollicking good time:

Going all the way back to the first written patriarchs and prophets. All of em just rattled everyone’s cages and were totally hated, hunted and in some cases murdered for doing the one thing that everyone says they want. Telling the truth.

I’ve always found it entirely amusing that what people say they want and what people can actually stomach have very little to do with each other.

” I want an honest loving caring person” yeah uh huh, sure you do. An honest person will tell you that they think you look fat in that dress; if they think that you look fat in that dress. It doesn’t mean that you’re fat in that dress; it just means that is what they think. At the same token, most would rather that they said, oh no honey you look stunning; so that if they themselves think that they look fat in that dress; they can be assured that it’s all in their minds, and avoid it for another day.

If you ask me? I’ll tell you what i think. Cuz that is what honesty is.

And love? sometimes love is saying something to banally and gutterly honest that the feelings get hurt; however, loving in return is the knowledge that the person asked didn’t tell you to hurt you and loved you enough to be honest, and loved you enough to be forthright.

It'd make a great Hallmark card, wouldn't it?

Love is
Being your knight in shining armor to
Your damsel in distress
Love Is
Being brutally honest enough to say
"Yes, you look fat in that dress"
Thou art the Eternal Feminine who beckons me
Upward through the Pearly Gate
And so it is because I care about your soul
That I tell you I think you need to lose some weight

In God's Perfect Love

sexy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

And yet, you and others link to a 'pro-feminist' man of the name Snowdrop Explodes, who posts up his own sordid rape fantasies and confessions of almost comitting violence against a woman, and who doesn't see anything wrong with extreme pornography despite the harm it causes women?

belledame222 said...

Well, Nony,

Yes, thanks for the reminder. Yes, that post disturbed the living shit out of me. Yes, I put it out of my brain (and I don't link to that blog of SDE's). No, it's not a place I understand. And yet, it's SDE's contention that porn actually -kept him from- carrying out the murder. I wouldn't vouch for that either way, myself.

It certainly has fuckall to do with what Payne actually -did- (and didn't own up to until he was caught, and still doesn't seem to have come to any clear place of consciousness). And, in case you hadn't noticed, my point reposting about Payne now isn't about my love of the frigging porn, it's a goddam public service announcement.

If SDE or anyone else on my by now encyclopediac blogroll ever turns out to have committed an actual crime, believe me, I'll be first in line with the pitchforks and torches. If you want to spread the word pointing to that particular post of his, well, it's your prerogative. I wash my hands.

But y'know, yeah, there -is- a difference between fantasy and reality, and while most people I know who entertain sadistic fantasies don't go anywhere -near- that place of enactment, and while I personally would've expressed doubts that porn actually prevents crime in most cases, yeah, there's a -reason- why people displace into fantasy, and i haven't the energy to get into it right now actually.

As for the melon farmers piece, well,

a) it's certainly in keeping with his contention that porn -prevents- violent crime, isn't it?

b) putting the other piece aside, I agree with the substance of that essay, at least from a quick skim, but again, I'm not the go to person there, try Lina or something, she's actually in the UK and blogs regularly about this shit.

Did I mention that I'm thoroughly sick of all y'all and the eternal pr0n fixation? Did I mention that I think Payne is a scumbag because he posed as an -anti-violence counselor- (it's called "violation of trust") as well as y'know committed an -actual crime- which he still has yet to take responsibility for? Did I mention you really need to get a damn pseud?

Lucy said...

Between Van Douche and you, belldame, I was laughing my fool head off over at Natalia's (much to the consternation and confusion of my cat). Thanks for making my morning!

From one shiny penny to another...

belledame222 said...

I mean, assuming your point is actual concern about the safety of SDE, you know, the -likelihood- that he might do a Kyle Payne and thus needs word-spreading about, and not o something like "aha! tu quoque, pro-pornie, tu quoque!"

belledame222 said...

i'm still boggling that i'm now turning back to the subject of Van Douche with -relief- as a palate-cleanser.

EthylBenzene said...

"Let's hope his "girlfriend" exists within the scare quotes only."

No way, she totally exists and lives, um, in Canada. And she is so spiritually pure that she doesn't even have a computer so you can't email her. Or a phone. Or a mailbox. But she totally exists.

Anonymous said...

God I hope you're able to learn as well as you're able to shoot your mouth off...

of course... we'll see won't we? Let's see if your humility is as able as your ability to lift yourself up, by putting everyone else down. :)

Let's see if you're pathetic, or useful, as human beings go...

Anonymous said...

EthylBenzene... now why on earth wouldn't she have an email address, or a computer or a phone?

or were you just expecting i would be a fool and ohhhh post it for the general world to see so she could be harassed?

tell you what... why don't you post your email, and phone and so on... on your blog... and see how many wingnuts you get contacting you... then tell me if that statement had wisdom all over it hmmm?

man, doesn't anyone think anymore?

belledame222 said...

um, James, I already said what I was going to say over at Natalia's. and you know what, traumatic background or not, it still doesn't really of itself explain much less excuse the whole "contempt for most of humanity" drill, or the part about liking to "mess with peoples' realities" for fun.

as for the rest of it: not touching it with a twenty foot pole. sorry. It's my lunch hour.

EthylBenzene said...

OMG that was so funny. This guy is MADE OF FAIL. I'm going to be laughing about that for a while.

GallingGalla said...

oh isn't that sweet. it's james, the bleeding hemorrhoid on the ass of humanity.

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