Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That said: I have to concur. Bil of Bilerico, you're wrong here.

Here's why. Also see. And. And. Or just go straight to the person you were threatening to excuse me fantasizing about sic(cing) Lily Law on.

And for the record, Bil, I consider a lot of things "unacceptable;" it's why this nice respectable cis white dyke has finally taken you off the roll, much as I've valued a lot of your work. I'm sure you'll manage fine, obviously; but hey, for the record.

p.s. and I have the strangest feeling of deja vu.

ETA: No, you hopeless dumbass, "Die In A Fire" does not LITERALLY mean someone is coming after you with the jug of kerosene and a torch.

also? if you've been avoiding sidewalk cracks all this time? Moms thanks you, but really: it's okay to -step.-

The axe is totes real though. Srsly. BE AFRAID.

ETA again: okay, I know DIAF is actually not exactly cute or funny for people who've been seriously threatened with kerosene and torch, or knew people who, yep, died in a fire. I'm not snarking at people who don't like the term, and it does seem like people are actually getting triggered or -something- right and left here. I was specifically snarking at the guy who suggested that Bil note the common Internet acronym as a "2nd threat," because, you know, if that's the yardstick you're using I think yeah, you -would- be handing out a lot more bans. Like, probably half your commentariat at one point or another (if it's not that, it's something else) Which is your prerogative, ban away (RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH!), but ffs any random person who invokes that isn't making a -threat-, all right? For a start, besides being common, it's not a threat, strictly speaking, that, it's a curse.

I mean, there's a lot of shit that gets casually uttered on the Internets (and elsewhere) that's actually not necessarily dandy just because everyone says it.

Beyond that, I'm not following this crap anymore because it's making me want to double-spork and I'm running low on eyeballs here. Regardless of how "real" -any- of the growly motions and handwaves are--and yeah, it does at least seem more -realistic- to suspect that someone offering to report someone's info to the police means business than someone talking about "heads on pikes," all right? --yeah, bottom line, Bil's been clueless, so's the HRC (and way beyond clueless) and it really blows that the very -real- and imo justified anger at the White Normative GAY andlesbian (and sort of bi)
... .... ... ... ... ...((((((((((((((((((((((((((((and okay trans when we need 'em for a symbol but meanwhile we'll collectively keep throwing real trans people under the bus every chance we get))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

...face of the "Umbrella" movement gets dismissed, again, because OH NOEZ MEEN SCARY DWAMA DWAMA DWAMA.


Anonymous said...


I <3 you. U can come eat in ma wickiup anytime.

Thanks for the shoutout.

belledame222 said...

no probs.

T. R Xands said...

Just...wow. I don't even go to Bilerico Project that often, I guess I have a real reason to avoid it now eh?

And I'll raise that DIAF with a LOL and a ROFLMAO. Are they scared now?!

Lucy said...

I guess I'm old-fashioned. I prefer FOAD to DIAF.

Mandos said...

In other news, a post of mine made years ago in Reclusive Leftist's comments has recently risen from the dead like a zombie and taken over TWO threads on Hugo S's and partly instigated one on Pandagon.

I've been chortling about this all over the place. I is powerful on teh internets.

Mandos -- zombie meme generator.

belledame222 said...


yeah, it's a derail, but I'll make an exception since now I'm curious. what'd you -say-?

belledame222 said...

or are you just

voz said...

*brings the paddles...charging...CLEAR!..PhoomPH!...increase to 400J...charging...

Mandos said...

Wait, no. THREE threads on Hugo Schwyzer's blog.

The comment I made when Violet was still talking to me and sane and not a Palinist is here, part of a much longer thread (very long!) which was part of a much longer discussion.

This apparently recently caused the derailment-by-historical-proxy of this thread.

Which then instigated this thread.

Which then produced This thread.

And also partly instigated this Pandagon thread

Now, I actually worked my way backwards from the Pandagon thread, since I read it but not Hugo Schwyzer (for no particular reason other than I've never found him very interesting). But you can imagine my increasing glee as it gradually dawned on me, well before I managed to walk it back all the way, that I had instigated this three whole years ago---an eternity in Internet Time.

HAHAHAHAHA. This is almost (not quite, but almost) as good as having my own banning thread at Twisty's. Warms the cockles of my trolly heart. So good to know how much the internets appreciate me. All parties concerned (well, aside from that SamSeaborn character) are guaranteed to know who I am, too, but my Name is studiously avoided. Weeell, since I have little overlap with Hugo, maybe not him, but certainly some of his commenters.

BTW, this is not the first time my comments at VS's have spontaneously instigated internet discussion, but this the biggest splash so far. Onward to the future!

belledame222 said...


Samwhosis is some kind of MRA I take it.

the rest makes me feel like i just walked back into Feminist Critics but hosted by Hugo this time. not my table, sorry.

Mandos said...

I know, I haven't done that sort of thing in years. I'm not even sure I agree with myself in 2006, but I don't think I quite meant what SamSeaborn (must be a West Wing fan) is making of it.

It still enormously amuses me.

voz said...

HRC is making noises like they want to pursue this in court. Bil is openly lying through Alex as a mouthpiece.

Whatever happens, I do not expect to make it through this in one piece.

belledame222 said...

I--*what* are they pursuing in court, exactly? I mean--didn't he already accept your apology? Are they pursuing "die in a fire" too?

why do they need to throw so much weight around ffs?

voz said...

yes, they did..Now bil is reinventing himself as a freedom fighter to keep off the Big Bad HRC from getting ma info.

They published a new post raising the specter of me as a crazed murderer and Bil being violated in jail for protecting me etc etc.

Alex Blaze wrote it, and it looks like a peyote fantasy.

belledame222 said...


who -is- Alex Blaze, anyway?

voz said...

Alex Blaze is a lil fat white cis gay guy who is lecturing all on the threat I pose, and what could happen to Bil if he went to jail protecting me.

you read all that rt, gurl.

Bil is now ma hero keepin the cops at bay

u have an email?

I have a web archive, Safari format

Alon Levy said...

So that's Alex Blaze... but who is bil? Should I be glad I don't know?

voz said...

yes, you should. But, he's Bil Browning, writer of a transmisogynistic blog that features trans articles like: Chick with a (dick)" etc.

a real winner.

come here, snark, and bring ur brain bleach


for the background, go here


Renee said...

It's not just that he said that he would call the police but that he would happily do it. Clearly enjoys a bit privilege and is not sorry to throw it around.

voz said...

What Renee said, raised by a public persistent chest beating after going of public record as saying that no threat existed.

And, thanks for weighing in, Renee.

Anonymous said...

dogfood Take a piece of me