Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Belated blog-against theocracy/Independence Day mullings

Apart from the obvious issues that concern most progressives (or however you want to define it), i.e. the people who get left out and left behind of the general principles of "freedom" and "democracy" (however you want to define it);

Maybe the real divide isn’t between “Republicans” and “Democrats,” or even Whigs and Tories. It’s between the people who actually respect the Constitution as more than another symbol to surreptitiously wipe their ass with when they’ve finished the football rally--you know, "liberty, equality, fraternity," all that good Enlightenment jazz--and the spiritual descendants of the people who really believe in the idea of -some- sort of Shining City on the Hill. God's chosen people. or, -someone's- Chosen People. We're special because we're virtuous.

And--that's the problem: "we are the Elect" and "democracy" really aren't compatible.

The only reason it's confusing is because a fair number of people who really believe the former use the language of the latter.

But...I think it becomes important for people who have ears to hear to learn to listen for the music, because some people, they know all the words, but not the tune.


betmo said...

that pretty much sums up exactly what i have been feeling lately. thank you for putting it so eloquently.

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