Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Clowns to the left of me! Reptiles to the right!..."

Yet another angle on the Top Secret Great Sinister Plot What We Are Ensnared In.

i was willing to believe the reptillian thing because you could really say i am part of the 1% that is willing to buy such a far out theory

but i strongly believe this reptilian theory is mis-direction. i think it trys to take the spotlight and take the focus off the fact that most of the presidents in history do share similiar genes. that is something that is not a co-incidence. same thing with the "royals" in europe. i think (seriously now) and it is a belief that's strength has been building, that there was a group of beings that about 100,000 years ago came down to earth, and fused there genetic makeup with that of homo-erectus to produce modern man (homo-sapiens) in an effort simulataniously satisfy the Annunaki (the ruling class of the beings) and give the Nephilim a break (same thing as Annunkai but the "working class of these beings") from having to mine the gold on the planet and create a sort of slave race to do so for them. I beleive the nephilim noticed the daughters of the homo sapiens were attractive and directly had intercourse with them ( as opposed to the invitro fertilization of 100,000 years ago) where the fertilized nephilim sperm was fused with a homo erectus egg and carried by the nephilim women ("the virgin who gave birth"). I beleive this group of hybrid homo sapiens (who have more annunaki genes than the regular homo sapiens) felt themselves "superior" and "privilaged" and that the origianal annunaki may have left and allowed these hybrids to over see things for them. i beleive this group were the rulers of the ancient civilizations in mesopetania, and egypt and there descendants have carefully intermarried to carry on the genes which they believe are privaliged and that the whole group may have a agenda if not a loosely laid out (order out of chaos) plan to bring about a One World Gov't in the near future through a co-ordinated effort that causes a world financial collapse, and is remedied thru a cashless society without national boundaries and subject to stricter rules. i think the reptilian story's are mis-direction and a "sexy" topic to many open-minded people. I think david icke's mind became too open and was manipulated into beleiving the reptilian story's because he was put into contact by intelligence agency's with a seemingly "anonomous" group of people collaborating a reptillian story and he bought it hook line and sinker. if you read his earlier books , they are quite good and give a good look at the big picture, before i beleive he was side tracked and fooled by the agency's that had been trying to lead him astray for years.

The first commenter out of the block elucidates the poignant dilemma of the dedicated Them! fighter:

Perhaps this thread you have begun here is mis-direction to make us stop looking into the reptilian theory.

The problem with all of this is that it is hard to decipher what is being put out by the propogandists, what is being put out by the whistle-blowers, what is being put out by educated conspiracy theorists, and what is being put out by crazy wacko conspiracy theorists. I like to use the advice from a great movie called "The Princess Bride." I can't remember the exact wording, as it's been a few years, but the prince or whatever said something to the effect of, "I always assume everything is a trap - which is why I'm still alive."

In other words, we should assume everything is mis-direction, and try and trace it back to its roots. Then, we will either find out it was mis-direction, or we will find out it was truth.

I suddenly feel as if this reply is not really saying anything much, but I'm going to post it anyway.

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Rootietoot said...

Genesis 6:1-4 has a description of Nephilim.

This stuff here...What?

Anonymous said...

The Dead Sea Scrolls have aa lot of transliterated versions of ancient Hebrew myths and legends concerning the supernatural creatures that existed before the Great Flood, including Nephilim, Giants, and others.

The sect that put together the Dead Sea Scrolls were, in their way, the conspiracy theorists of their day, and apparently believed they were preserving the "Hidden Truth" in a world that had lost its way.

Rootietoot said...

I was taught (by my favorite Jesuit) that antidiluvian works were stories handed down through oral tradition, and Moses put them to 'paper'. As such, the stories were not literal accounts of history, but tales used to explain how evil came into the world, why there were different races, that sort of thing. The stories explained the existance of fossils (a giant sloth skeleton could be seen as a giant, or a monster).

It makes alot of people uncomfortable to think that the Bible could be something other than the inerrant Word of God. I sometimes wonder if God smacks his proverbial forehead and thinks we're a collective bunch of dumbasses.

Nella said...

D00d, i've been saying for *years* that David Icke is the most likely person to actually be an infiltrating alien. Because while he's spouting off about lizards and nobody's believing him, the real invaders can sneak in unnoticed...

(actually, i don't believe any of this conspiracy business, but that would be too sensible to admit to in public. Whoops.)

antiprincess said...

here I am, stuck in the middle with you...