Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My hero. :-) <3

Wee Beastie just swatted a giant fly for me.


Anonymous said...
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Quinn said...

Yes, but has (s)he ever brought you half a frog? My little pumpkin did that for me once.

belledame222 said...

awww. which half?

no, but he is an Indoor, Urban cat. if he found a frog in here, well, that would be interesting.

Quinn said...

The front half. It wasn't pretty.

Quinn said...

but she was so proud of herself. "Look what I got you!"

KH said...

They do that, bring you birds & such. But it's been 10 years since mine caught anything but a bad attitude.

You say he's indoors. I'd thought the beastie was a shero.

belledame222 said...

nope, he is a boy beastie.

yeah, i remember my family's terrier used to bring in birds and small unidentifiable mammals occasionally.

well, when i say "bring in..."

eh, skip it, you don't want to know the details.

belledame222 said...

oh and of course: when i had MICE, you know, the live squeaky kind as opposed to the cute (only in fluorescent not-in-nature colors now) toy mousies he keeps swatting me to get me to toss for him to go chase, he was, bless his fuzzy heart, totally useless. i think he caught one, then THREW it up into the air, still alive, so it could run somewhere else.

at one point after one too many had skittered too close to my heels, after i had finished shrieking and cursing, i marched into my bedroom, picked him up from the floor of the closet where he'd been napping, brought him to the place near where i'd last seen the varmint, plonked him down, pointed at him sternly, and declaimed:


He went all splay-legged, looked bewildered for a moment, then fell to scratching the couch.

Kim said...

ISN'T he brave, though, isn't he JUST?!
What a little hero!

Smoosh/Doud once alerted me to presence of a creepy 'pede (giant centipede) the first night in a new apartmart by scratching on the wall. I was SO impressed that I told her she could now retire to a life of leisure.

I love that black and whitey Wee Beastie!

Zan said...

Try having a cat that brings in LIVE flying squirrels and SNAKES. Max was a monster, she was. (She also looked suspiciously like AnnaBee. Hrm....)

When she brought in the squirrel, she let it go in my mom's kitchen. It proceeded to freak out, getting the attention of all the OTHER cats. And so, there was a scared squirrel running for it's life, chased by three cats and my poor mom, who was trying to show it outside with her broom. Funniest damned thing every.

And then, when my Dad fussed at Max one morning, she went outside and caught him a snake. Which she brought in, via the bathroom window, when he was taking a bath. She proceeded to drop the snake in the floor, meow at him and hop back out the window, leaving my poor naked father to deal with a living, angry snake. And knowing Max's disposition, this wasn't an "I'm sorry" gift. It was more like, "This is what happens to people who fuck with me, human." sorta statement.

belledame222 said...

agh! revenge of the putty tat! i'd be scared for the cat, too, with the snake...

do flying squirrels really fly? did it bring Moose with him?

Chuckie K said...

We had one outdoor cat who regularly caught moles and carefully left them on the step at the back door, dead but otherwise unmarred.

When I would open the door and find one, I would think to myself, "What touching devotion. This is how the Gods of the pagans and of the Old Testament (pardon my Baptistocentric perspective) must have felt."