Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hot town, summer in the city

the air is heavy and the stench is shitty
pollution's blowin' and my eyes are all gritty
can't concentrate so i'm writing this ditty
i gotta eat something but i don't want a bit 'e
my brain is in meltdown and it sure ain't pretty

...eh, sod off.


Rootietoot said...

Come to South Georgia, I'll feed you a lemon slush and we can sit in the theoretical breeze.

antiprincess said...

we should come visit you.

belledame222 said...


antiprincess said...

we'll take the Midnight Train.

Alon Levy said...

Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to go spend the entire month out of town, then.

Sassywho said...

but, but, at least you are not stuck here in the plains where the only thing crazier than the wingnuts is the weather.

ugh, i wish i had to write a post about moving to NYC rather than Wichita.

arrogantworm said...

Have you tried a cold shower? The coolness doesn't last for long, but it's a nice reprieve. Also, putting feet in a pot of cold water works wonders. A thought just hit me ~ it would be even better to add ice.

Thorne said...

Okay, I'm an ass, blogwhoring or whatever. Fuck ettiquette. Please post this:
Help Save One Woman

Please, please.

Roy said...

I hear your pain.

The temp has been out of control. My apartment hasn't been below 80 or 85 in... hell... a week and a half? Maybe longer. Third floor. No AC. Windows facing east. Right next to the laundry room.

Bloody hell.

belledame222 said...

oh my god, i went the first couple of summers here without A.C., or with minimal, ineffective A.C. I have -no- idea how. that sucks, Roy.

belledame222 said...

and yeah, though, all things considered, i probably wouldn't rather be in Wichita. sorry, SW.

Seattle, maybe. or the Bay Area. or Vancouver.

actually right now it's raining (finally).

belledame222 said...

AL: August is usually worse.

i'm gonna go visit the folks for the birthday trip, i suppose. i -might- get out of town for the weekend in a couple of weeks.

but yeah, i'm wishing i had some little cottage by the sea to get away to, or something like that.