Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quote of the day, 8/15/07

I always said I wanted to be somebody. I should have been more specific.

--Lily Tomlin


Sassywho said...

i love her, as in i want to be her when i grow up.

tonks said...

My favorite Lily Tomlin character is Edith Anne. Even when I was little she'd make me laugh out loud.

Daisy said...

I loved her *housewife* character, (which always began "I am not a professional actress, I am a real person like yourself") and found this on YouTube... her mouth and her words don't quite seem synchronized, but it's still hilarious! It's the *housewife* talking about vibrators:

She's so great! For you, BD!

Eli said...

That sounds *exactly* like Stephen Wright, although I assume Lily said it before anyone knew who Stephen Wright even was.