Sunday, August 26, 2007

yep, that's the name-O, all right

or one of 'em. (BINGO's name is Legion). "Feminist" discussions about transpeople version.

"Vagina=woman & penis=man!"

"Being trans reinforces the gender binary!"

"Transwomen have male energy!"

"There's no such thing as gender; you're buying into a construct!"


thinking girl said...

thanks for that belledame - so true it's not even funny. I'm sick and tired to death of feminism sometimes. today happens to be one of those days.

Trinity said...

right on.

Vanessa said...

Well, some things never change.

Summer's said...

i'm really glad i'm pakistani. i know it's a sort of obnoxious thing to say, and i'm sorry. but i'm glad this discussion is not really my discussion. i've been following a lot of the feminism and i guess, well, i'm feminist when feminism is needed. this kind of stuff... well... yeah.

Dw3t-Hthr said...

I have "male energy". A Radical Faerie told me so.

Does that mean I'm a transwoman?

Hah. At least I save on hormone treatments.

Trinity said...

I've been told I have male energy too. Granted the person who said it was a complete MOON DWELLER (not radfem or anti-male, just... on the moon, in various ways) but I liked it.

Daisy said...

Well, I have NO male energy. ((((preens))))

drakyn said...

I have male energy! A couple of my friends are sensitive and told me so (I also have a yellowish-greenish aura). ^.^

Elizabeth McClung said...

I like the bingo

Especially the Transmen are lesbians who gave into pressure - can we do it by decade:

Transmen gave into peer pressure and are really lesbians


Women don't have set sexual attraction like men do so lesbians are really bisexuals in denial


women who sleep with women are only doing it because they were abused by men or

Had an overbearing father
Had an absent father
Had a normal father but a overbearing mother
Had normal parents but a male sibling who makes them hate men
Had normal parents but had a female sibling, who they couldn't compete with in attracting men and turned to women
Were babies born early
Were babies born late
Were breastfeed too long
Weren't breastfeed.


(to quote Queen V) There are no lesbians.

Rootietoot said...

What?? um...what?

Amber said...

Love it.

fastlad said...

Wait, energy has gender?

SallySunshine said...

"women who sleep with women are only doing it because they were abused by men or"

Yeah, my aunty- in her infinite wisdom, tried to pull that one on me.

"Sally's been hurt by so many men that she's had to resort to women."



Like if you're with women it's all about long walks on the beach in a wymnn-centered womb of peace.

My ex-gf and I had so many raging scream fests, it would've put any of my het relationships to shame.

Also, the girl broke my heart- pretty sure it wasn't a man

Go figure. ~S.S.