Monday, April 07, 2008

-nod smile back away slowly-, part ___

Uh, Renegade has the scoop. I'll just, um, be over here. Too. Um, wow.

"Can YOU say 'malignant paranoia,' gyns and soon-to-be-extinct-pyrsyns? I knew you could!! Can you say, 'armed compound?'..."

Seriously, it's a terrific example of the fascist/totalitarian narrative.

1) Our People are oppressed by The Enemy, who are demonic

2) We have no power, the Evil Empire rules over all

3) but Tomorrow Belongs To Us

4) meanwhile, we must root out the impure among us.

oh, p.s., lady: I'm a Jew, and you are emphatically on the -wrong end- of that little Godwinism there. please to shut the fuck up and go away now kthxbai


Daisy said...

It's an ugly spectacle, and totally without any self-consciousness, too.

Mandos said...

Erm, isn't that one really really ancient?

belledame222 said...

shrug, didn't think so. I saw it at Renegade's; she saw it at a new thread at witchy's, at least I assumed it was new. I don't doubt she's said at least as insane shit in the past, has lucky.

Mandos said...

Oh, OK, now I see it. It looks like she verbatim copied another older rant. Having once or twenty upon a time graded papers, my déjà vu detector was going berserk when I read it.

Mandos said...

Lucky, though, well, I always had the feeling that there's always a little bit of conscious "over-the-top" going on there, because my observation has been that when push comes to shove, she has one of the BS detectors among that little group.

It's Mary Sunshine, who reacted to Lucky's rant as though it were a wish list, who I think is totally awesome. Absolutely my favorite.

Anonymous said...

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